Like Bounty

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  1. 5 min.Like Bounty : Photo of step #1
    Melt together in a pan over low heat: 250 g unsweetened coconut milk, 100 g liquid cream, 30 g caster sugar and 10 g Vanilla sugar.
  2. 2 min.Like Bounty : Photo of step #2
    When the mixture begins to simmer, add 4 g agar-agar and whisk to mix thoroughly. Bring back to simmering again while still whisking.

    If you have an electronic thermometer, check that the mixture reaches 85°C (185°F) for the agar-agar to react.
  3. 5 min.Like Bounty : Photo of step #3
    Leave to cool for 5 minutes and add 2 tablespoons Malibu rum. Whisk again to mix thoroughly.
  4. 1 hourLike Bounty : Photo of step #4
    Pour the prepration into small moulds, preferably in silicon, which makes turning out easier.

    Leave to set in the fridge for about an hour.
  5. 32 min.Like Bounty : Photo of step #5
    Prepare a chocolate sauce.
  6. 5 min.Like Bounty : Photo of step #6
    Arrange 3 coconut fondants on each plate (or whatever is appropriate for the size of mould used).
  7. 5 min.Like Bounty : Photo of step #7
    Coat with chocolate sauce and scatter 50 g Toasted flaked almonds over if desired.

    Decorate with a few soft fruits or a little whipped cream (Chantilly).
  8. Like Bounty : Photo of step #8
    To really surprise your guests, be sure to cover the fondant completely with the chocolate sauce, so that no white is visible and the coconut is discovered with the first spoonful.


If you'd like the texture to be closer to the real Bounty, you can add a tablespoon or two of dessicated coconut to the mixture.


Home made, warmly dedicated to Alison, who loves coconut. [Ooooh! The translator blushes at this point!].

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