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  1. 5 min.Hamburgers : Photo of step #1
    In a bowl mix 500 g minced beef, 1 egg, 2 onions and 1 shallot chopped.
  2. 2 min.Hamburgers : Photo of step #2
    Salt and pepper, add 1 tablespoon flour and mix again.
  3. 20 min.Hamburgers : Photo of step #3
    With this mix, form flat rounds of 10 cm or 4 inches diameter and ½ cm or ¼ inch thick.

    The best way is to use circles of greaseproof paper of the same diameter to put under the meat.
  4. 4 min.Hamburgers : Photo of step #4
    Cook meat rounds on barbecue or in a frying-pan with a lttle oil.

    Meanwhile split the buns and toast lightly on the inside, using a toaster or the barbecue.
  5. Hamburgers : Photo of step #5
    Assemble hamburgers: onto each half bun put (for example) mustard, slice of tomato, salad, meat, cheese, gherkins, bacon, onion rings, etc.

    Then put the two halves together, and enjoy!
  6. 2 min.Hamburgers : Photo of step #6
    Make hamburgers: on each half buns put (for example) mustard, tomato slice, pickled gherkins, salad, meat, onion slices, etc.

    Then put together the two parts, and enjoy it.


You can make a shallot sauce: after cooking some of the burgers in the frying pan, add a finely chopped shallot, and cook it in the remaining fat 2 minutes. Then add a half glass of dry white wine, and boil while scraping the bottom of the pan with a wooden spatula. Add 10 cl cream, allow to thick over a low heat. Use as a dressing on the meat in your burger.

You can also try this version of Janet Clark from Toronto who replaces the onion with a sachet of onion soup, and adds 2 or 3 tablespoons of oat flakes to the meat. Delicious.

One difference between us and our Canadian friends: their burgers are much thicker, about 1 cm or more.

Did you know it: Hamburger is not an american recipe originally, but a german one, from the people of Hambourg, the Hamburgers. They brought it to the USA.


Home made, but dedicated warmly to Janet Clark from Toronto.

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