Pickled gherkins

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Pickled gherkins
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For 500 g, you will need:


PreparationRestingStart to finish
36 min.4 hours4 hours 36 min.

Step by step recipe

1Wash the 500 g fresh gherkins thoroughly.Pickled gherkins : etape 25
2Brush each gherkin under running water to remove all the little "bristles" and give it a smooth surface.Pickled gherkins : etape 25
3If you don't have a suitable brush, or if you prefer, you can use my grandmother Jeanne's method: rub them with the corner of a tea-towel.Pickled gherkins : etape 25
4Cut off any remaining stalks from the gherkins.Pickled gherkins : etape 25
5Rinse again, then dry with a tea-towel.Pickled gherkins : etape 25
6Put the gherkins in a bowl with 300 g coarse salt for 3 hours to draw off some of the juice.

Note: contarary to popular belief, there is no need to soak them any longer than this, as they will start to dry out.
Pickled gherkins : etape 25
7After this time, discard the salty water and rinse the gherkins...Pickled gherkins : etape 25
8...and soak them for 1 hour in a bowl of cold water. We do this so that the gherkins will not be too salty.

After one hour, drain the gherkins and dry them on a tea-towel.
Pickled gherkins : etape 25
9Pour 1 sprig tarragon and a few peppercorns into the bottom of the jar you are going to use.Pickled gherkins : etape 25
10Fill the jar with gherkins and cover with cold white vinegar (there's no need to boil or even heat it).

Seal the lid and leave to mature for a month before eating.
Pickled gherkins : etape 25


You can use a different vinegar if you prefer, but if you do not use white vinegar, your gherkins may take on an unusual colour.
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