New tiramisu

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New tiramisu
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For 10 glasses, you will need:


54 min.

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Tiramisu is better the following day, so don't hesitate to make in advance and keep it in the fridge, protected from air by plastic film. In this case it's better to add the final cocoa powder layer just before serving.
If you love chocolate, you can add a cocoa layer on each layer of cream as well as on top.
Tiramisu can be made in several flavours, afficionados will say that it is no longer a tiramisu of course, but it's really good.
Fruit tiramisu: replace coffee + Amaretto with a mix of 75% fruit coulis (fruit purée) + 25% sugar syrup to get something liquid enough to soak your biscuits, and add a layer of fruit coulis on each layer of cream.
You can also change alcohol, by replacing Amaretto by Macvin du Jura for example.
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