Sorrel omelette

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Sorrel omelette
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For 4 people, you will need:


PreparationRestingCookingStart to finish
23 min.5 min.19 min.47 min.

Step by step recipe

1Prepare 200 g sorrel: rinse thoroughly then dry in a salad spinner.Sorrel omelette : etape 25
2Shred the sorrel.

Set aside.
Sorrel omelette : etape 25
3Bring 250 ml liquid cream to the boil in a small saucepan. Salt and pepper.Sorrel omelette : etape 25
4Add 2/3 of the sorrel.Sorrel omelette : etape 25
5Mix well and leave uncovered on low heat to thicken.

Check the seasoning.
Sorrel omelette : etape 25
6Meanwhile, break 8 eggs into a bowl. Salt, pepper and beat with a whisk.Sorrel omelette : etape 25
7Add the remaining sorrel. This might look like a lot, but don't worry, just mix it in.Sorrel omelette : etape 25
8Put a non-stick frying pan on low heat with 30 g butter.

When the butter has melted and is beginning to sizzle, pour in the egg and sorrel mixture.

Leave to cook gently.
Sorrel omelette : etape 25
9As soon as the omelette is set around the edge, fold one side in and roll it up (if possible, though this isn't easy).

Turn off the heat and leave to rest for a good 5 minutes to finish cooking.
Sorrel omelette : etape 25
10Serve plated up ("à l'assiette"), cut into individual portions with the cream and sorrel sauce poured around.Sorrel omelette : etape 25


This recipe can also be made with spinach.
for a more indulgent version, try adding morels or a mushroom duxelles to the cream and sorrel sauce.
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