How to prepare broccoli

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How to prepare broccoli
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For 1 broccoli, you will need:


PreparationCookingStart to finish
32 min.3 min.35 min.

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1Place the brocoli in front of you, head downwards.How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
2The "head" is made up of many parts, often called "florets". Cut one near the base to detatch it.How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
3Do the same with this "head", dividing it by cutting off the smaller individual florets.

You should keep only these florets, the tenderest part of the broccoli, and set aside the stalks (left on the photo) that you can use for a soup for example.
How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
4This small video show you how to.Click to watch the video
5Prepare all the broccoli like this.How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
6Then put to soak in cold water with a little vinegar added.How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
7Bring to the boil a large pan of salted water, using 2 tablespoons coarse salt per litre. Drain the broccoli and plunge into boiling water.

Cook for just 1 minute after the water comes back to the boil.

Notice the lovely emerald green colour they take on at this stage.
How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
8Remove from the water with a skimmer or araignée, and plunge immediately into ice-cold water.How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
9When completely cooled, drain and dry in a salad spinner to remove as much cooking water as possible.How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
10Your broccoli are ready. Keep on a cloth or absorbant paper on a plate.How to prepare broccoli : etape 25
11You can see on this video a summary of all the steps.Click to watch the video


Prepared like this the broccoli can be added to a dish or frozen for later use.
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