Jura bread

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Jura bread
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For 2 loaves, you will need:


PreparationRestingCookingStart to finish
34 min.4 hours 50 min.45 min.6 hours 9 min.

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To be sure the wine is at the right temperature, it is best to microwave it in its container by 10 second bursts, checking with an electronic thermometer each time. If you do not have a microwave, heat the wine in a small pan on low heat until it reaches the right temperature.
If you are baking your bread in a proper bread oven, sit each loaf on a sheet of cooking parchment, otherwise the cheese will stick them to the oven floor. Of course, if you do not have the authentic ingredients from the Jura (such a pity!), you can use any dry white wine and an easily available cheese like Emmental. These will work just fine.
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