Clafoutis batter

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12K5 August 23th 2023
Clafoutis batter
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For 550 g, you will need:


5 min.

Step by step recipe

1Pour 150 g Milk, 150 g cream, 100 g caster sugar and possibly 10 g Vanilla sugar into the bowl of a mixer.Clafoutis batter : etape 25
2Add 2 Eggs and 40 g flour.Clafoutis batter : etape 25
3Blend for 1 minute, until well combined.Clafoutis batter : etape 25
4Your clafoutis dough is ready, but if possible leave to rest for 5-10 minutes before use.Clafoutis batter : etape 25


You can replace the flour with cornflour if you wish.
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