Fried rillettes

Fried rillettes

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For 4 people, you will need:


PreparationCookingStart to finish
14 min.15 min.29 min.

Step by step recipe:

Heat the serving plates.

Flatten 200 g rillettes into thin cakes in a non-stick pan.
Fried rillettes : etape 25
Put the pan on high heat and allow the fat to run out, mopping it up from time to time with absorbant paper.Fried rillettes : etape 25
Stop when the cakes are well fried.Fried rillettes : etape 25
Place a disc onto each plate.Fried rillettes : etape 25
Cover with 2 spoonsful of hot mashed potato (or potato rissoles, if you know how to make them).Fried rillettes : etape 25
Top with a second rillettes cake.

Serve with a little green salad.
Fried rillettes : etape 25


You will notice that the rillettes you buy in the shops have a lot of fat and not much meat, so it is far better to make your own rillettes, if you can.

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