Grilled cheese

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Grilled cheese
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For 4 Grilleds cheese, you will need:


PreparationCookingStart to finish
13 min.8 min.21 min.

Step by step recipe

1Grate 150 g cheese (Cheddar here) and 150 g mozzarella.Grilled cheese : etape 25
2Lay 8 slices Sandwich bread out on the worktop and use a brush to coat one side of each slice with the melted 60 g butter.Grilled cheese : etape 25
3Turn one slice of bread buttered side downwards and cover with grated cheese...Grilled cheese : etape 25
4... then sit the other slice of bread on top, buttered side outwards.Grilled cheese : etape 25
5Put the sandwiches into a hot frying pan...Grilled cheese : etape 25
6...and brown on both sides.Grilled cheese : etape 25
7Turn down the heat, cover the frying pan and leave for 2 or 3 minutes to melt the cheese in the middle.Grilled cheese : etape 25
8These fried sandwiches are tradionally served cut into triangles and fried to brown the edges as well (but this is not essential.Grilled cheese : etape 25
9Serve piping hot, crusty on the outside and melting in the middle.Grilled cheese : etape 25


For the cheeses, the ideal combination is Cheddar with mozzarella, but you can try any other combination - be adventurous!
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