Mexican-style pork medallions

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Mexican-style pork medallions
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For 5 people, you will need:


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15 min.14 min.29 min.

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1Cut 800 g filet mignon (pork loin) into medallions: fairly thick slices (3/4 inch or 1.5-2 cm) and cut slightly on the diagonal.Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
2Prepare the marinade by mixing 5 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon chilli powder, 3 sprigs thyme and 1 bayleaf in a bowl.Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
3Add the pork medallions and mix well.

Cover with plastic film and refrigerate for 1 hour or overnight.
Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
4Prepare and drain 800 g green beans, then set aside.Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
5Pour 2 tablespoonsful of the marinade into a frying pan on medium heat. When hot, add the pork medallions.

Cook on both sodes.
Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
6When cooked, transfer the medallions to a hot plate and cover with aluminium foil. Keep hot.Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
7Pour 300 ml Vegetable stock into the frying pan used for the meat and bring to the boil on high heat. Deglaze and add 2 tablespoons reduced veal stock.

Mix well and leave to reduce to a syrupy consistency.
Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
8Reheat the green beans in the sauce for a couple of minutes.

Heat the plates.
Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25
9Arrange 1 or 2 mdeallions per person with the beans alongside and pour the sauce over.

Serve immediately.
Mexican-style pork medallions  : etape 25


If you don't have vegetable stock to make the sauce, you can use dry white wine instead.
You can replace the veal stock with 1 oz (30 g) of cold butter. Cut this into small pieces and add to the sauce, beating it in with a whisk.
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