Surprise bread

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Surprise bread
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For 1 Surprise bread, you will need:


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1 hour 34 min.4 hours50 min.6 hours 24 min.

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For the bread you can use any kind you like, it's a matter of taste. Personally I prefer leavened bread or even better mixed seed bread (as in the photos), but you can also use sandwich bread, in which case replace 400g white flour with 100g rye flour + 300g whole-wheat flour.
For the fillings, you can vary ad infinitum. In this recipe there are 6 layers with 3 differents fillings, but it would be more interesting to have a different filling in each layer. Here are some more ideas:
An idea to try: surprise bread with sweet fillings, for a children's party for example, with jams, honey, chocolate...
In this recipe each layer of the sandwiches is cut into 8, but if it's for an aperitif, it's wiser to cut them into 10 or 12 to makes smaller sandwiches, and avoid filling up your guests before the meal.p>If you'd like more information about making your own bread, look at this dedicated page.
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October 26th 2020.