Breton galettes (pancakes)

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Breton galettes (pancakes)
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For 1 galette, you will need:


16 min.

Step by step recipe

1Heat the frying pan on medium heat, put the knob of butter in to melt, then put the galette down over it.Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25
2Break the egg onto it, then with a spatula push the egg yolk to the center...Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25
3... and distribute the egg white over the surface of the galette until it is cooked.Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25
4Scatter the ham in small pieces.Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25
5Add the grated cheese.Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25
6Then fold over a third of the galette.Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25
7And then the last third onto the first. Leave to cook for another minute or two.Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25
8And serve immediately.Breton galettes (pancakes) : etape 25


This is a basic recipe, the fillings can be infinitely varied at will.
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