Strawberry Verveine Tart

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Strawberry Verveine Tart
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For 1 tart, you will need:


1 hour 31 min.

Step by step recipe

1Line the tart mould or tin with 300 g Sweetcrust pastry (pâte sablée) and bake "blind".Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
2Coat the inside with white chocolate. This is not essential, but helps to keep the pastry crisp for longer.Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
3Prepare the chantilly cream.

Set aside.
Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
4Prepare the confectioner's custard (crème pâtissière, or french pastry cream).Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
5When the custard has cooled, beat in 2 tablespoons verveine liqueur using a whisk.Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
6Tip the chantilly cream into the custard...Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
7... and fold in gently with a soft spatula to make a light cream.Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
8Spread the cream in the bottom of the tart case (use a forcing bag if possible to make this easier).Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25
9Then top with strawberries, pressing them a little way into the cream to hold them in place.

Keep in the fridge, but leave at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving.
Strawberry Verveine Tart  : etape 25


Verveine liqueur is made with lemon verbena. For a non-alcoholic version, you can flavour the confectioner's custard by leaving the fresh herb to infuse in the milk.
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