Eggs Comtoise

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Eggs Comtoise
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For 4 people, you will need:


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20 min.20 min.40 min.

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1Prepare one potato per person: hollow out the centre using a pommes parisiennes spoon or a teaspoon to create the "nest". Trim off the ends if necessary to tidy the shape.Eggs Comtoise : etape 25
2Slice the rest of the potatoes.Eggs Comtoise : etape 25
3Pan-fry the potato slices on both sides in a little olive oil, then salt and set aside and keep hot.Eggs Comtoise : etape 25
4Fry the potato nests until browned all over.

Heat 250 g cancoillotte in the microwave or in a bain-marie.
Eggs Comtoise : etape 25
5Heat the plates.

Stand a nest in the centre of each hot plate and surround with the fried potato slices.

Slip an egg yolk into each nest and salt lightly.
Eggs Comtoise : etape 25
6Fill up the nests with hot cancoillote and pour a little over the potatoes. Serve immediately.Eggs Comtoise : etape 25


If you don't have any cancoillote, use any other cheese you like (but preferably a soft cheese) and melt it in a little cream.
You may be surprised to see that the egg yolk is not heated beforehand, but it will heat through when in contact with the hot potato and cheese.
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