Pollack Parmentier

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Pollack Parmentier
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For 6 people, you will need:


PreparationCookingStart to finish
24 min.32 min.56 min.

Step by step recipe

1Poach 800 g fish in 1 litre fish fumet (or, at a push, just use salted water with 1 Bouquet garni) at a gentle simmer until just cooked.

To ensure the fish is perfectly cooked, stick an electronic thermometer into the fish and cook until the temperature reaches 140°F (60°C).
Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
2Take the fish out of the cooking liquid, remove the skin and any bones, then flake (break up) the flesh.

Set aside.
Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
3Prepare and slice 2 onions finely (a mandolin is the ideal tool for this).Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
4Pour 3 tablespoons olive oil into a saucepan on medium heat. When hot, add the sliced onions.Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
5Salt and pepper, then cook for about 5 minutes - the onions don't need to brown.

Set aside.

Preheat the oven to 360°F (180°C).
Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
6Peel 800 g cooked potatoes (I'm using rattes here).Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
7Cut the potatoes into small pieces, then mash coarsly with a fork.Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
8Add the fish, onions, thyme, salt and pepper, and mix well.Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
9Fill individual ramekins or a large gratin dish.

Top with grated cheese.
Pollack Parmentier : etape 25
10Bake for 20 minutes, just until the cheese on the top has melted and is nicely browned. Finish browning under the grill if necessary.Pollack Parmentier : etape 25


As mentioned above, you can use other kinds of fish, so this is a chance to choose something cheap and, above all, in season.
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December 4th 2020.