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Citrus crunch

Citrus crunch
These are fine crumbs of candied citrus peel. It can be used to sprinkle a dessert or other preparation to add both crunch and the flavour of the chosen citrus fruit. It is easy to prepare well in advance, and will keep in an airtight jar. This recipe is given for clementines, but can be made with all citrus fruits: lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit...
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For 50 g, you will need:

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Preparation : 36 min.
Cooking : 40 min.
Start to finish : 1 hour 16 min.
Preservation : Several months in a jar.

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 For 50 g : 2.48 €

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Step by step recipe:

Take 3 clementines, organic if possible.

Scrub fruit thoroughly, dry them, then with a very sharp knife cut off as much zest as you can.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #1
The goal is to remove the zest, leaving the white pith on the fruit as far as possible. This pith is responsible for the bitterness.

Another possible technique is to use a peeler, but it must very be very sharp.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #2
Continue like this for all the clementines, which you can then use for another recipe, or eat.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #3
The volume of peel is quite small, but this is normal.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #4
Put 100 g caster sugar and 50 ml water in a pan, heat to dissolve.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #5
Then add the clementine peel.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #6
Reduce over medium heat, until obtaining a thick syrup around the peel.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #7
Pour peel and syrup onto a rack (or into a chinois or a strainer) to drain them.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #8
Lay them on a baking sheet, then put in the oven at 130°C or 266°F for about 30 minutes.

The goal is to dry the peel to make it crunchy, not to cook it any further.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #9
At the end of 30 minutes, allow to cool, then tip the peel onto your work surface. At this point you can remove any excess sugar.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #10
Then crush with a rolling pin, more or less finely according to taste.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #11
You should obtain crumbs, still with a few small pieces, not too fine.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #12
Keep in an airtight jar.
Citrus crunch : Photo of step #13


This powder is used on desserts to which you want to give a "lift" (the tang of citrus) and add crunch, like Chaud-froid of grapefruit-pineapple, Fruits with sabayon, or Poelée de petits fruits au sabayon gratiné. But even on a simple ice-cream, the effect is striking.

As it can be prepared in advance and stored, you can prepare several varieties, and powder your desserts with several flavours.

I advise you to use organic fruit, because it's the peel which is used in this recipe, and that's first in line to pick up all the chemical treatments applied to the fruit...

Recipes which use it: 2

Chaud-froid of grapefruit, pineapple and lime custard Fresh fruit in sabayon


From chef Michel Bras, via famous teacher Hervé This (only great people...).

Last modified on: February 21th 2011

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