Curried prawn risotto

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Curried prawn risotto
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For 4 people, you will need:


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16 min.43 min.59 min.

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1Peel the prawns and cut into small pieces.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
2Melt 30 g butter in a frying pan, add the prawns and fry until lightly browned.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
3When fried, add 1 tablespoon curry powder and mix well. Leave to cook for a further minute and remove from the heat.

Set aside.
Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
4Prepare 50 g onion and chop finely.

Pour 4 tablespoons olive oil into a large saucepan on medium heat. When hot, add the onion, salt and pepper and cook for 1 or 2 minutes without colouring.
Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
5Tip in 2 glasses rice, stir for 2 or 3 minutes until the rice has "pearled", or become translucent.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
6Pour in 1 glass dry white wine and stir until the liquid has been completely absorbed.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
7Turn down the heat and add 4 glasses Vegetable stock gradually, stirring all the time.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
8The rice should be cooked but still quite moist.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
9Add 100 ml cream and mix well.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
10Add the spiced prawns...Curried prawn risotto : etape 25
11...then the grated 50 g Parmigiano reggiano (Parmesan) and your risotto is ready.Curried prawn risotto : etape 25


For a stronger curry flavour, you can add an extra tablespoon of curry powder between stage 5 and 6.
If you don't have any vegetable stock, a chicken stock cube will work fine.
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