Individual charlottes with morello cherries

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Individual charlottes with morello cherries
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For 8 people, you will need:


PreparationRestingStart to finish
1 hour 49 min.3 hours4 hours 49 min.

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Griottines are a product of Fougerolles in Haute-Saône, eastern France. If you can't find them (or morello cherries), you can use normal fresh cherries cut in two and stoned. In which case, replace the syrup poured over before serving with cherry juice mixed with a little sugar syrup, or simply a little custard (crème anglaise).
As for all charlottes, finger biscuits are the usual choice, but the best for this recipe are Montbozon biscuits, not only delicious but small, which suits these individual desserts.
Using this recipe you can make charlottes of pretty well anything you like: fruit, chocolate, etc.
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August 21th 2019.