Sicilian Epiphany Pie

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Sicilian Epiphany Pie
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For 1 pie, you will need:


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31 min.30 min.1 hour 1 min.

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Pistachio cream

To make the pistachio cream filling, put in a food-processor bowl: 2 egg yolks, 40 g Pistachio powder or paste, 75 g butter, 75 g icing sugar, 75 g ground almonds, 10 g cornflour, 1 tablespoon rum and 150 g ricotta.
Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
2Mix on medium speed until light and evenly mixed.

Preheat the oven to 390°F (200°C).
Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25

Assemble the pie

Roll out half the puff pastry into a circle and lay on a baking sheet, then prick all over with a pique-vite (pastry pricker).
Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
4Spread the pistachio cream over the pastry, leaving a border of about 1/2 an inch (1 cm) free.

Cut 50 g candied fruit into small dice and scatter over the top.
Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
5Use a brush to moisten around the edge of the pastry with water.Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
6Roll out the remaining puff pastry into a circle. Moisten around the edge...Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
7...and turn this over on top to form the lid.

Seal around the edge by pressing with your fingers.
Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
8Glaze the top of the pie.Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
9Decorate the top by cutting a pattern with a knife, if you wish.Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
10Sprinkle a little caster sugar on top to give a slightly caramelized finish.Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25
11Prick the top of the "galette" 4 or 5 times with a knife to allow the steam to escape during cooking.Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25


Bake for about 30 minutes.
Sicilian Epiphany Pie : etape 25


You can add a handful of dry roasted pistachio nuts in with the candied fruits.
For an even more authentic Italian flavour, use amaretto instead of rum.
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