Buy cooking-ez cookbook

Buy cooking-ez cookbook
Would you like to be able to consult the recipes on this site offline, or print them out?
If so, don't hesitate: treat yourself to the recipe book, with the recipes of your choice at a very low price.
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Last modified on: August 29th 2023

What's that?

This electronic book, or e-book, is a pdf file containing recipes from the site of your choice (4 categories maximum), and in the form that has made them so successful, i.e. text and photo for each step of the recipe.

The book has a series of options that you can configure to your taste: language, cover photo, units for ingredients, etc., and in the end you'll have your own personalized book.

How much does it cost?

The price is low: GB£ 7.68 or US$ 9.75 or € 9.00, which works out at 0.07 € per recipe. That sounds like the best value cookbook on the Internet, doesn't it? Especially if you compare it with an ordinary cookbook from shops of usually about 30 recipes.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the options for your ebook
  2. Type your e-mail address and validate it
  3. Pay € 9.00 with Paypal (see next page)
  4. We will receive notification from Paypal telling us the transaction's been made
  5. As soon this proof of transaction is received, we will make up your ebook and send you an e-mail with a link to download your ebook.
You can also create a trial version for free and download a demo ebook with just a few recipes.

Your cookbook "A la carte":

Please note: Information marked in * is essential.
  • * Ingredients will be in: Metric US UK Metric volumes Metric weight
  • * Chosen subheading:
  • * On the cover I would like the photo of recipe:


  • * I choose 4 category from:
    Starters (223 recettes)
    Sea food (87 recettes)
    Meat (74 recettes)
    Miscellanous (340 recettes)
    Desserts (341 recettes)
    Baking (63 recettes)
    Drinks and cocktails (5 recettes)
    Recipes for kids (7 recettes)
    Basic recipes (142 recettes)
    Tips and tricks (89 recettes)
    World recipes (37 recettes)
    Estimated content of your future e-book: 0 recipes
  • Add nutritional information: calories and joules, protein, fat, carbohydrate (approximate values).
  • * My e-mail address is:
  • My first name and surname, or pseudonym:
  • This ebook is a gift, and I wish to add this text on the front page as a dedication:
  • Possible message for the author: (your opinion, possible improvements, etc.)

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