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Last modified on: September 19th 2020

Ready in: 3 hours 51 min.

Cost: 15.6 € Change currency: Note : These prices are only approximate.

Mushroom velouté


Mushroom velouté :

This smooth, creamy soup with its lovely mushroom flavour is quick and easy to make.

Ready in: 55 min.
Cost: 2.5 €

Croque-monsieur complet

Main course

Croque-monsieur complet :

This is a "full Monty" version of the traditional French toasted sandwich: the bread is dipped in beaten egg with cream before cooking, rather like pain perdu, to make the fried bread rich and moist.

The French term "complet" here means "with everything": egg, ham and cheese.

Ready in: 25 min.
Cost: 3.4 €

Citrus tart


Citrus tart :

This is an unconventional tart, though the recipe is quite simple: no cream filling in the bottom, just slices of lightly poached fruit in a sweetcrust pastry case.

Ready in: 2 hours 31 min.
Cost: 9.7 €

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