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Ready in:

4 hours 15 min.


20.9 €

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Olive twists :

These savoury puff-pastry twists (rather like smoked salmon sacristains) make an ideal aperitif snack. The pastry is simply spread with tapenade.

Ready in: 1 hour 39 min.
Cost: 3.6 €

Olive twists

Main course

Fillets of sole Dieppoise :

In principal, fillets of sole Dieppoise are poached and served with a creamy sauce and small shellfish.

I am offering a new twist on the dish, with the fish sautéed rather than poached, a cream sauce flavoured with mussel stock, and served with shellfish (mussels, cockles and clams), mushrooms and boiled potatoes.

The recipe is quite long and prepared in separate stages (fish, sauce, mushrooms, shellfish, potatoes). The tricky bit is having everything hot to assemble and serve.

Ready in: 1 hour 27 min.
Cost: 13.3 €

Fillets of sole Dieppoise


Blackcurrant, vanilla and lime verrine :

Vanilla-lime, confectioner's custard and blackcurrant coulis, topped with a layer of whipped cream (chantilly) and dusted with a little matcha green tea powder. Light and flavoursome.

Ready in: 1 hour 9 min.
Cost: 3.9 €

Blackcurrant, vanilla and lime verrine

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