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Last modified on: September 19th 2019

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Ready in: 2 hours 57 min.

Cost: 27.0 € Change currency: Note : These prices are only approximate


Poivrade Artichoke Salad :

"Poivrade" artichokes are the small purple ones, often eaten raw in salads.

Choose the smallest ones, as they are the tenderest and have practically no fibrous "choke".

For this recipe, they are combined as a salad with herbs, spring onion and Parmesan shavings in an olive oil and lemon dressing.

Ready in: 23 min.
Cost: 5.3 €

Poivrade Artichoke Salad

Main course

Pork medallions with "full" turnips :

This recipe brings together sautéed medallions of pork filet mignon and turnips, pan-fried then filled with a creamy mixture made from their own green tops.

As in all the best cookery, nothing is wasted.

Ready in: 1 hour 4 min.
Cost: 15.4 €

Pork medallions with "full" turnips


Strawberries with mint and cream :

Minty confectioner's custard, diced strawberries and whipped cream.

Ready in: 1 hour 30 min.
Cost: 6.3 €

Strawberries with mint and cream

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