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On the cookery side

  • See 948 recipes which have a photo for every step. This might not seem much compared to commercial sites announcing thousands of recipes, but these ones are clear, precise, detailed, fully explained with photos, and above all they have been personally tested at home before going on line. I am not trying to pile up recipes, like professional sites, but my aim is to offer you ones that are easily achievable.
  • See all the recipes available on the site at a glance, sorted by categories, as a list or picture wall to help you choose.
  • Each recipe:
    1. Has several parts:
    2. An introduction provides some background on the recipe and and special features
    3. The list of ingredients, a picture of the finished recipe and an array of dietary information about the recipe
    4. Timings for the recipe: preparation, cooking, resting and total from start to finish
    5. The steps of preparation, each with a photo
    6. Comments and advice on the recipe, what you can change, replace, points that need care
    7. The sources, where the recipe or idea came from
    8. Comments, questions and answers submitted by visitors in the form of a mini-forum (see below about this)
  • Available in classic, printable version (with or without photos) and PDF version or in "presentation" mode.
  • Ingredients can be recalculated in different quantities (x2, x3 or ½ original recipe)
  • Ingredients ca be expressed in different units for different countries: Metric, USA, Britain, Australia, all as weights or all as volumes.
  • Can be rated by you from 1: not so bad recipe to 5: very good recipe, the total score and the number of ratings being visible at the top of the page (with number of visits).
  • Has a form for your comments in a mini-forum at the end of recipe, where opinions, questions and answers can be given. I personally answer all questions, unless someone does so before me.
  • Can be "follow" by you, so you will receive an e-mail for each new comment or modification.
  • Is available in French and English.
  • Can be sent to a friend who will receive an e-mail from you with a personal message, including a picture and a link to the recipe.
  • Is classified by 12 broad categories: Starters, Sea food, Meat, Miscellanous, Desserts, Baking, Drinks and cocktails, Recipes for kids, Basic recipes, Tips and tricks, World recipes, Culinary sayings and myths.
    • These categories are then split into sub categories depending. The "dessert" category, for example, is divided into: Tarts, Cakes and pastries, Small cakes, Viennoiseries (sweet breads, buns), Ice-cream and sorbets, Miscellanous.
    • There are special categories that are not really recipes, but include tips or techniques concerning certain ingredients or utensils to help you succeed.
  • You can ask for a random recipe.
  • You can ask for a random menu made up of a starter, main course and dessert. If one of the three does not suit you, you can request to change to something else. Similarly if you have any dietary restrictions, you can request a menu that contains no meat, fish, eggs, milk, alcohol or any other ingredient of your choice.
  • Subscribe for free to the newsletter and you will automatically receive an e-mail whenever a new recipe is added to the site. This secure system (you can not subscribe anyone other than yourself), allows you to keep up with news of the site.
  • Get RSS feeds about new recipes and many more informations.
  • Consult pages dedicated to: ingredients, utensils, and a cooking glossary.
  • Know when to buy with the calendar of seasons which tells you which fruits, vegetables and cheeses are in at their best now, and throughout the year.
  • Get information on various related topics: ice creams, herbs, flours, bread, pizzas and papers and foils in cooking

My ez cooking

In this private area you are going to have your private recipe binder, and much more. See special page about it for more informations.

Do It Yourself

Go to the "DIY" section, it's a bit different from the cookery, and certain projects are published as "how to" files: mist free mirror, polystirene cutter, home automation, 3D periodic table and Polynesian arrow.

Bread oven

A large section devoted to the wood-fired bread oven: construction and use, amateur baker's utensils, recipes around the bread oven, and the map of ovens. I am fortunate to have a bread oven, and I gathered in this section all the information I could find about this.

Something in common

See how this site "lives" with a final section devoted to its operation, and links for e-mailing me, top 5 and most recent comments.

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I love your site -we have tried several of your excellent recipes, all really lovely!! Also I have found all your help and cooking tips very useful.
We visit France very often and your site reminds us of some of the wonderful food we have enjoyed there. Thank you so much for sharing your skills and knowledge with us all.

So far our favourite is Creme Brulee but lots more to try!!
By John and Beryl october 3rd 2009 at 05:48 (n° 1)
For John and Beryl: Thank you !
Coming soon (I'm working on) another great French classical: "Pêche Melba", I'm sure you will love it.
By jh october 3rd 2009 at 08:05 (n° 2)
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