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You are a bit chocoholic? So you need to see Anne's site, where you will learn how to make incredible chocolate bar (in French only).


And his home made bread website, with a great chapter on the history of bread (in French only).

Gaston Lenôtre

Pages dedicated to Gaston Lenôtre, the famouse French pastry chef, who sadly died in 2009, and who taught many of the best pastry chefs around today. Unshakable master of old style patisserie, I learned all the basics from his 3 books, especially the first one "Make your own patisseries", see the best addresses page, in the books section.

Hervé This

How can we talk about cooking without mentioning chemistry professor Hervé THIS ? Impossible of course... If you want to understand what's going on in your pan or your oven while you cook, understand what a mayonnaise or a Chantilly cream is, find out whether you should (or not) salt meat BEFORE cooking, then you should read his blog.

Hervé and chef Pierre Gagnaire are associated in a real friendship. You can find explanations by the chemist alongside recipes by the chef on Pierre Gagnaire's website.


nothing to do about cooking on this site, but I'm always impress by it's clairvoyance. To be tested as soon as you have 5 minutes.

Link switch

studylease Studylease offers a wide range of private student residences in France and offers the possibility to book for free, without obligation and in several languages.


Whit's blog

See how Whit's write, so well, about coooking and DIY on her blog: Amuse Bouche (cute name n'est ce pas?).

Les baleines et les coquillages (Whales and shells)

Clairette and Tomtom are away for a sail trip around the world on Schnaps, you can follow their way and adventures almost live (in French only).

Annie's recipes

i like Annie's blog for the recipes and content of course, but also for her description of "special operations" like pyramid of macaroons. Don't forget to see the kitchen photos, the sink is gorgeous.


Now got her own blog dedicated to her new activity: scrapbooking (scrapouest.blog4ever.com, in French only), if you are in Brest area and want to learn or practice, all informations are on line.


Own a great blog: Months of edible celebrations, if you want to know or discuss about what and why we eat the things we eat.

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