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Last modified on: July 1st 2021

amateur baker

You may have noticed over the pages of this site, I am passionate about everything that is related to the bakery: I love making bread, pastries, maintain my leaven, etc..

This page contains links to all the different parts of the site where we talk about bread: recipes, special pages, etc.

Preparing bread

Making bread

Cooking bread

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  • Hi,I'm not sure to understand what is a shoe sole, sorry, and Google translate told me about real shoe only, I guess this not your aim?Would it be, possibly, a kind of flat pastry, made with puff pastry? If so, it could be this recipe : apple semelles (flat apple tarts)?Come back to me if I'm wrong.
    Posted by jh april 17th 2018 at 20:58 (n° 4)
  • Hi, I was trying to get your recipe for shoe soles. For some reason I can’t search it on your web page:(.
    Posted by Angela april 17th 2018 at 19:17 (n° 3)
  • Unfortunately it's quite impossible, you can just reduce (a bit) the loss of crispy texture.
    6 or 7 minutes at 400°F seems to be a short time, try to reduce temperature and increase time.
    Posted by jh september 29th 2015 at 08:22 (n° 2)
  • I have been baking a cinnamon/sugar recipe called "Elephant Ears' or "Shoe Soles". They are a pastry similar to a palmier. They come out nice and crispy after baking about 6 or 7 minutes at about 400 degree in a convection oven. How can I maintain that crispy texture overnight?
    Posted by Shoesole guy september 25th 2015 at 04:50 (n° 1)
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