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Last modified on: July 6th 2021

What is it?

My EZ Cooking is a personal area on where you can personalize how you use the site.

For example, you can:

Over time, more features will be added to My Easy Cooking with new possibilities and functions. You might like to suggest something yourself.

How do I sign up?

This only need an e-mail address, you can register now by clicking on subscription page". After confirmation a password will be sent to you, and these log-in details will allow you access to your personal area.

Please note that if you have already signed up to be kept informed of new recipes, your account has been created automatically and you will have received your password by e-mail.

Connection by social network

If you have an account on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google), you can be connected with it, and your "My cooking ez" will be automatically created. You just have to click on the asociate button in the "Connect me with my account..." Note that it's the social network who will grant you the access, not

How does it work?

All you need to do is go to connexion page, and use the log-in form to enter your e-mail address and password, then follow the menus which will guide you through how to use it.

This site without any advertising?

It is possible in this space to subscribe to the site, and then to view all pages and recipes without any advertising. Two main advantages: displaying is faster, and pages are more pleasant to view.

Lost password?

If you have lost your password, you just have to type in only your e-mail address (nothing in "Password") and click on the "Enter" button, the system will send you a special reminding message.

Suggesting an improvement?

Please feel free to use the contact form for this.

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