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The website

My EZ Cooking

My EZ Cooking : My EZ Cooking,'s personal and community area .
Personal recipe : Display of a personal recipe.
Subscriber's recipes : Recipes dropped by subscribers.
Advices for writing your recipes : On-line document for writing a personal recipe.


Other cookery websites : List of my other favourite sites.
Random menu... : A complete menu with a starter, main course and dessert, generated at random, to modify as you choose.
My best addresses... : My good addresses, favourite suppliers, ingredients, products and equipment.
Webmaster tools : Page for webmasters and bloggers who wish to add tools or widgets (links, feeds, images...) to their own sites.
All the RSS feeds of : All the RSS feed provided by


Search the recipes : Search facility for the site's recipes according to your own criterias.
How do I search in the recipes? : Help page for using the site's internal search engine.


What is this site, and who am I? : Presentation of the site: what you can find, and what you can do here.
On this site you can... : All the things you can do with this site.
Website technical evolution : Site updates, list of new additions by date .
Submitting a comment or image : submitting comments or questions: some advice, norms, and rules .
Start off well to cook well : How to get off to a good start in cooking; what equipment and basic ingredients you should always have to hand.
The recipes : Hints for using the recipes: how to read and recreate them.
Information on weights and measures in the kitchen : Weights, measures and volumes in a recipe.
Nutritional information and ingredients : How to read the dietary information included in the recipes .
Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI : Information about Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI.
Cost calculations : Information about how the site's recipe costs are calculated.


All the videos on the site : List of recipes which include videos.
List of all posts of the blog : List of all blog posts.
Site map : All the site at a glance.
This site without commercials? : .



Films and papers in the kitchen : Various papers and plastic films used in cooking .
Ice-cream and sorbets : All about ice-creams and sorbets, their differences and how to make the most of them .
A little molecular gastronomy : A little molecular gastronomy ot understand how slow cooking makes meat tender.
Calendar of seasons : Calendar of what's in season, for buying fresh ingredients following their natural cycle.
Foie gras proportions calculator : Small foie gras calculator, to find the right proportions of spices and alcohol needed according to weight.
The amateur baker : All about bread and bakery for beginners.
Making your own bread : In praise of home-made bread, so much better.
Slashing loaves : Cutting the top of the loaf so that it rises better during baking: slashing.
Leaven bread calculator : Small calculator for a good leavened bread.
Basic temperature in bread-making : Basic temperature in bread-making.
Soured dough : The use of fermented dough in bread making.
Calculator for water temperature in bread-making : Automatic calculator of the basic temperature of your "process water" in all your bread-making recipe.


Flours : Flours, from wheat to the white powder used in the kitchen and the bakery.
Herbs in the kitchen : All the herbs used in cooking.
chives : Herbs in the kitchen: chives.
rosemary : Herbs in the kitchen: rosemary.
parsley : Herbs in the kitchen: parsley .
bayleaf : Herbs in the kitchen: bay leaves.
coriander : Herbs in the kitchen: coriander.
sage : Herbs in the kitchen: sage.
sorrel : Herbs in the kitchen: sorrel.
tarragon : Herbs in the kitchen: tarragon.
mint : Herbs in the kitchen: mint.
thyme : Herbs in the kitchen: thyme.
Chervil : Herbs in the kitchen: chervil.
Basil : Herbs in the kitchen: basil.



Some hints for a pizza-party : Some hints for a successful pizza party.



Home made plancha : Make you own plancha and cook the Spanish way on this scorching hot metal plate.
Make your own hot-wire or styrofoam cutter : Cut polystyrene and foams easily with your own hot-wire cutter.
Polynesian arrow : Launched with a piece of string: the Polynesian arrow.
A mist free mirror : Shave or put on make up with a clear mirror, even in a steamy bathroom: the anti-mist mirror.
Home Automation and CP290 with Excel : .
Solar lighting : Fit a small solar panel at home.
Electronic controlling of a pump : How to switch on a pump with a timer automatically using high water level .


A bread oven : All about bread ovens, from construction to use and associated recipes.
The oven itself (hearth) : Construction of a Fayol bread oven: the hearth.
Oven housing : Construction of a Fayol bread oven: oven housing.
Foundations : .
Roof : Construction of a Fayol bread oven: roof and protective cladding.
Finishing touches : Construction of a Fayol bread oven: finishing touches and accessories.
Advice on heating oven : Construction of a Fayol bread oven: advice on heating and preparing for baking bread.
Open fire cooking : Construction of a Fayol bread oven: open fire cooking, with the embers inside.
Closed fire cooking : Construction of a Fayol bread oven: closed fire cooking, with the embers removed .
The steam machine : Continuous steam in the oven with the steam machine.


A Mendeleiev periodic table in 3D : Classification of the elements in practice: a three-dimensional Periodic Table .
Elements in the table : All elements of the Periodic Table in practice.
The name of the elements : Where the names of the elements that make up matter come from.
Small history of elements classification : History of the classification of the elements down the centuries.

Last modified on: October 18th 2018

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