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  • In recipes ingredients, choosing "British" give values in pounds (lb) and ounces (oz). 12 August
  • Each recipe recalls at the end of its page the most important ingredients, and offers a lineup of information on these products and links to other recipes that use it. 15 April
  • Each recipe is now available as a GIF animation. 29 March
  • In each recipe, chosen in weight scale, the list of ingredients show the total weight of the recipe. 25 March


  • The whole site is now encoded in UTF-8 (You probably see nothing different, but, it's better...) 30 December
  • A mechanism of web notifications is now active on the site, with your agreement you will receive directly in your browser a notification in case of new recipe/post. 1 November
  • Better use of social networks buttons on each page: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. 30 September
  • The plum pie recipe, in a short and well-paced video. 14 September
  • A new video about bread in wood oven is available. 3 September
  • In the "bakery" category, each bread recipe got a small automatic calculator to determinate the ideal water temperature. 6 July
  • Implementation of a footer to inform visitors of the use of cookies on 19 May


  • All pages and recipes of the site can now be rating from 1 to 5 (former range was 0->3). 20 August
  • All the site is now compatible with mobile phones and tablets. 30 June
  • A new version, improved, of recipe pages fully compatible with mobile phone and tablets ("responsive") is available. 14 April


  • E-cookbook is now delivered less than 12 hours after payment (sometimes less than 2 hours). 4 July
  • The server of the website is using a certificate to use HTTPS (S = secure). 27 February


  • List of private recipe, published in "My ez-cooking" is now sorted by categories then title. 12 December
  • On the page that list all the videos on the site, the list can be obtained as thumbnails pictures or video wall 20 January
  • In recipes that have a HD video, it is displayed in a larger size to enjoy HD. 19 January
  • The recipes are presented in a new form, lighter, more easy to read. 18 January


  • The mobile version of the site ( is now available. It's still a reduced version, but it will grow. 3 November
  • One can now click to enlarge images in recipes step. 23 October
  • Steps of all recipes are now numbered, for an easier reference. 15 September
  • The list of last recipes from subscribers is present on the home page, as well as a list of the latest blog posts. 20 August
  • A recipes binder now show his owner photo (if any uploaded). 8 August
  • New videos in recipes will be in high definition (HD). 23 June
  • A navigation tool bar is also available in blog posts. 16 June
  • The recipes binder got a guest visits counter. 15 June
  • Search form on the site is available in each top page. 26 May
  • A list of pages is now available. 24 May
  • A navigation/search bar is now available in each recipe and pages. 22 May
  • A sitemap is now available, from all pages. 10 May
  • Recipes search engine allow you now to find a recipe on her nutrition facts (i.e recipes with more than 100 calories). 2 May
  • Each recipe offer a RSS feed of the lasts comments. 12 April
  • New RSS feed on the latests technical evolutions of the site. 9 April
  • New RSS feed on lasts comments. 7 April
  • The list of all blog posts show a small abstract of each post. 31 March
  • In the page "Products" recipes that use each product are showed with thumb pictures. 26 March
  • The blog posts list include now pictures. 10 March
  • One can remove a recipe from his binder in only 2 clicks in "My EZ-cooking". 6 March
  • One can add private comment on every recipes. 5 March
  • One can add a recipe to his binder in only 2 clicks in "My EZ-cooking". 7 February
  • Each recipe is now presented with a few suggestions of other recipes ("You may also like"). 18 January
  • For your convenience, web site of is now stored on a SSD disk, this give fluidity and fast displaying of recipes and pages. 1 January


  • New page for Subscribers recipes list. 9th December
  • Passing your mouse over recipe steps (in page "At what time?"), make appear photos of the steps. 11th November
  • One can now "follow" recipes, pages, and blog posts, to be aware by e-mail of modifications or comments. 6th Octobre
  • The Guest book is available. 1st September
  • A new page is dedicated to bakery amateur, it compile all links on the site about breads and viennoiseries. July 22th
  • Each recipe, longer than 15 minutes, could now answer at those 2 questions: "At what time will I finish if I start at?", and "At what time should I start if I want to finish at?". June 27th
  • Search bar as moved on top of homepage for an easier access. June 9th
  • Short version of recipes now available with photos, in a printer-friendly version. May 24th
  • "Pinterest" button now available in recipes. April 1st
  • Links to social networks I use in presentation page. March 30th
  • You can write and keep on the site your own recipe in your private space "My cooking-ez". January 24th


  • You can insert in your own site or blog a recipe of, just by adding this small part of code. October 11th
  • Connexion to "My Cooking-EZ" can be stored (use the check-box) so that you don't need to type again password and address at your next visit. August 27th
  • New feature available in "My Cooking-EZ", making personal menus from the website recipes. July 2nd
  • Advertising free version of the site available in "My Cooking-EZ", for only 1 €/month. June 16th
  • You can share your recipes binder in "My Cooking-EZ" by sending it via e-mail to friends. May 17th
  • One can now connect to "My Cooking-EZ" by Facebook (same address and password). April 17th
  • Automatic slide-show for the recipe of the week on home page. March 26th
  • You can order the e-cookbook of your recipes binder (you should be connected). March 21th
  • Recipes got, from now, a preservation date for the final result. March 18th
  • In case of lost password, it can be send to you via e-mail from the system. March 13th
  • When connected to "My Cooking-EZ", the top page menu is improved with new options also named "My Cooking-EZ". March 9th
  • One can "browse" in other recipes (preceding, following) of the same category, from the recipe itself. March 8th
  • Adding or removing a recipe to the binder is available directly from the recipe itself. March 7th
  • New private space "My ez cooking", to make your own recipe binder. March 5th
  • New module "blog" integrated. Jan. 14th


  • Widgets banners can be sized at your choice. Nov. 24th
  • New page dedicated to webmasters and blogs authors to allow them to add automatically, and for free, news from Nov. 6th
  • Recipes can now be seen in a diaporama or slideshow mode (a bit like a powerpoint presentation). Oct 10th.
  • A fine search engine in recipes, only on! Jul 10th.
  • New special page for (absolute) beginner. Jun 18th.
  • One can suggest website to a friend. May 15th.
  • Personal "cache" system with recipes images, for faster recipes list pages. May 5th.
  • Changing of web-hosting complete, new corporate (Espace 2001) with efficient technical team, and virtual private server. Apr 30th.
  • e-cookbook is available in several currencies. Apr 17th.
  • Random menu also offer a prices estimation. Apr 5th.
  • For each recipe RDI could be calculated for a man or a women. This choice is memorized by visitor. Apr 3th.
  • All recipes show and estimated price, global or by person or item in several currencies. Chosen currency is memorized by visitor, and medium prices are available in the ingredient table. Apr. 3rd
  • New page: all the videos of the site. Feb. 15th
  • Photos can be added in comments. Feb. 14th
  • All site is in new version. Feb. 8th
  • New version of general pages. Jan. 22th
  • New version of recipes list. Jan. 13th
  • New version of recipes page, in index page style. Jan. 6th


  • In the Top 5, each recipe is presented with a thumbnail picture. Dec. 9th
  • When ordering an e-book, it's now possible to add a dedication if the e-book will be a gift. Nov. 14th
  • In the ingredients table, one can know how many recipe use each ingredient, and see a list of these recipes. Nov. 11th
  • New page about ingredients used in the recipes, showed in a table which can sorted. Nov. 08th
  • Translations from French to English are now made by Alison Sabedoria a professional translator. A complete correction of the site is in progress. Oct. 25th
  • New recipe category: Culinary legends and myths 10/24
  • Text of a comment is shown to writer as a reminder when submitted 09/04
  • E-cookbook (made up of this site's recipes) ordering available on line 08/04
  • New page "Home made plancha" 06/28
  • Possibility of sharing recipe pages on Facebook, Twitter and Delicious 06/14
  • Complete makeover of non-recipe pages (index page style), being tested on 2, to be applied to all as time permits 06/13
  • New page "technological evolutions" 06/12
  • Possibility of sharing index page on Facebook, Twitter and Delicious 06/07
  • Complete makeover of list pages (index page style) 06/04
  • Complete makeover of recipe pages (index page style) 05/31
  • New section on recipe pages "What to drink?" 05/22
  • Complete makeover of index page, important use of css 05/13
  • Dynamic page for oven map page: no more image modification needed 04/26
  • No-SIMS and All-capitals function in post form 04/19
  • Post form on each pages, like a blog 04/14
  • New page "Solar" 04/01
  • New video on line "From flour to savor" 03/30
  • New breakdown of timings for recipes: preparation, resting, cooking, and start to finish 03/15
  • Nutritional facts in recipes, for whole recipe, by person or for 100 g 03/08
  • Menu on each page 02/19
  • Recipes can be recalculated with a choice of measures, and scaled up or down 02/04
  • Commercial links with Google 0½5
  • Search box on index page 0½3
  • Oven tools goes to utensils page 0½0
  • New page "Good addresses" 01/14
  • New creation date in recipes, different from last modification date 01/07
  • HTML 4.01 W3C validation 01/04


  • New page "What can I do on this site?" 12/30
  • Next message on news list announced on index page 12/21
  • Comment on non-recipe pages added to latest comments page 12/08
  • "Suggest this page to a friend" 1½3
  • Options in random menu : no seafood, no meat, ... 11/19
  • Comments available on non recipe-pages 11/12
  • If a recipe is also an ingredient, it has a special link "Recipes which use it" 10/19supplémentaire : "Recettes qui en utilisent" 19/10
  • New page : Latest comments 10/08
  • Comments are only in the selected language 09/15
  • Comments page is integrated in recipe page 07/30
  • Proportions in recipe and scale button (x2, x3, /2,...)
  • Comment available after rating recipe 07/08
  • New page "Top ten" 06/30
  • New buttons "all in volumes" and "all in weights" 06/28
  • Printing recipe available in compact version
  • Adding menu in 404 page
  • New page "Random menu"
  • New function "E-mail to a friend" for recipes
  • Rating system for recipes (0 to 3)
  • New page "What's that site?"
  • New sub category for meat: poultry, and fish: seafood
  • RSS of 10 last modified recipes

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Last modified on: August 12th 2018

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