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"Buttonhole" quail eggs Video Dur
Alsatian-style salad 
Artichoke hearts forestier  Dur
Avocado and smoked salmon terrine  
Avocado with gravlax 
Avocado with Sautéed Prawns  
Avocado with Tuna 
Beetroot and cream cheese verrines 
Beetroot and fried chicken salad 
Bread with Tomato  
Broad bean salad with Parmesan 
Cauliflower tabouleh 
Celeriac Rémoulade  
Celeriac soup with mustard 
Cervelas salad 
Chicken and Avocado Salad 
Chicken club sandwich 
Chickpea salad 
Chinese Soup Dur
Cocotte eggs with Comté 
Corn salad with croutons 
Courgette tart with mint 
Creamy Winter Vegetable Soup 
Crème de foie gras Dur
Crispy cheese parcels Video
Crunchy Cauliflower Salad with Lemon 
Crunchy salad 
Crunchy spring salad 
Crunchy verrines 
Cubed salad 
Cucumber and salmon salad 
Dauphinoise potatoes with Serano ham 
Du Barry soup 
Eggs "en cocotte" with spinach 
Eggs Benedict  
Eggs en Cocotte à la Française 
Eggs with mayonnaise 
Endive and beer soup 
Endive and walnut salad 
Foie gras cured in salt 
Foie gras fingers 
Four-tier glasses Dur
French bean salad with vinaigrette  
French onion soup 
Greek salad 
Green Piedmont Salad 
Ham à la Russe 
Ham spirals 
Home-made terrine of foie gras Dur
Icelandic-style fish and vegetable pie 
Italian toast 
Late Winter Soup with Fresh Spinach 
Lebanese Tabbouleh 
Leek and potato soup 
Leeks in vinaigrette  
Lentil and cold-meat salad 
Light Broccoli Soup 
Like a Boursin with garlic and herbs 
Little vegetable omelettes 
Mimosa eggs 
Mixed salad 
Mixed salad stack 
Mixed tomato salad 
Multicoloured cucumber-tomato salad 
Mushroom velouté 
Olive twists 
Pan bagnat 
Piedmont salad 
Poivrade Artichoke Salad 
Prawn salad with a crunch 
Pumpkin (or potimarron) soup 
Purée of Jerusalem artichokes with foie gras 
Quail egg canapés Video
Quick courgette soup with cheese 
Ramekins of duchess potatoes 
Raw beetroot mousse with walnuts 
Raw beetroot salad 
Red cabbage salad with chives 
Salade Niçoise 
Salmon and spinach quiche 
Savoury mini-madeleines with 2 cheeses 
Scandinavian cocktail 
Sesame fried scampi Video
Small cheese and bacon rolls  
Small foie gras pasties 
Smoked eggs 
Smoked salmon sacristains 
Smooth mixed vegetable soup 
Sorrel soup 
Surprise eggs 
Terrine of foie gras Video
The total turnip 
Tomato and courgette tart 
Tomato and cream cheese terrine 
Tomato tart 
Tomato tatin 
Tomatoes Macédoine  
Turnip and sesame puree (tahina) soup 
Valay salad 
Vegetable rosette tart 
Vegetable tartare 
Verrine of avocado mousse and crab 
Warm broccoli and Tuna Salad 
Warm chicken salad 
Warm lentil salad 
Warm salad of potatoes and purple artichokes 
Warm scallop and cabbage salad 
White asparagus salad 

Sea food

"Land and sea" kebabs 
Baked salmon fillet 
Canapés of red mullet with poppy seeds 
Chilli langoustines 
Cod loin with saffron 
Crab Cakes 
Cretan-style salmon  
Crispy prawn rolls 
Crunchy little pieces of fish 
Crusty cockle tart 
Curried tuna cubes 
Fillet of pollack cooked in two stages 
Fillets of sole Dieppoise Dur
Fillets of sole meunière 
Firied fillet of sea bream with polenta 
Fish fillet in express cooking envelope 
Fish fillet with preserved lemons 
Fish in a salt crust 
Fish in a seed crust 
Fish in a sesame crust 
Fish in white wine 
Fish Mousselines 
Fish petals, vegetables julienne, and beurre blanc Dur
Fisherman's Ragout Dur
Grilled fillet of salmon with corn salad cream 
Koulibiak in pie dish Dur
Langoustine and leek tarts 
Langoustine sabayon tart 
Lobster Thermidor 
Mackerel Fillets in White Wine 
Marinated tuna with herbs 
Mussels marinière 
Nicholas's fish 
Pan-fried salmon with white cabbage 
Pan-fried scallops and chanterelles with Noilly Prat sauce 
Parcels of fish fillet in spinach 
Pollack fillet baked with rice and vegetables. 
Quick prawn curry 
Red mullet fillets in a quick marinade 
Red sea bream fillets in a soy-sauce marinade 
Rolls of fish in smoked ham 
Rosemary steamed fish 
Salmon "en papillote" with small vegetables 
Salmon chard rolls 
Salmon marinated like herring 
Salmon rillettes 
Salmon with sorrel 
Scallops with cabbage julienne 
Scallops with crunchy vegetables and wine sabayon Dur
Scallops with fondue of leeks 
Scallops with green asparagus tips and parmesan 
Sea bass with coriander cream en papillote 
Seafood feuillantines 
Spaghetti with mussels and basil 
Stock-pot fish  
Summer Salmon Blanquette 
Tagliatelle with cockles 
Tahitian style fish 
Tender tuna 
Turban of sole with langoustines Dur


African style chicken 
Beef braised in reduced red wine 
Beef Wellington Dur
Blanquette of veal 
Boeuf (beef) bourguignon 
Chicken breasts in a potato crust 
Chicken breasts with tarragon 
Chinese style chicken 
Confit of carrots with bacon 
Coq au vin Dur
Cured Pork Belly With Lentils Dur
Escalope of veal in a cream sauce 
Express chilli con carne 
Filet mignon with mustard and tarragon sauce 
Fillet of beef in a rosemary crust 
Five hours poultry 
Involtini-Style Filet Mignon  
Larded pork tenderloin 
Lille style chicken 
Loin of pork with herbs and julienne vegetables  
Melt-in-the mouth meat and vegetables in a sealed casserole Dur
Mexican-style pork medallions  
Morteau sausage 
Morteau sausage "crisps" 
Pan-fried chicken breast on mozzarella 
Pâté de campagne 
Paté en croute (terrine in a pie crust) Dur
Pork chops in the oven 
Pork chops with a duo of brassicas 
Pork Chops with Rosemary 
Pork medallions with "full" turnips 
Potted meat (rillettes) 
Quick chicken curry 
Rabbit civet 
Rabbit civet "à la normande" Dur
Rabbit terrine Dur
Rabbit with mustard 
Rillons de Tours 
Roast pork with sage, cooked in a bag. 
Sausage and lentils "en cocotte" 
Seven-hour lamb 
Spring veal sauté  
Steak burger topped with egg Video
Tomato meat balls 
Tournedos Rossini 
Two-stage beef chuck  
Veal Chop With Assortment of Vegetables 
Wiener Schnitzel 


"Day After Pork Belly" Soup 
"Oeufs rabattus" with leeks 
Algerian brik rolls 
Artichokes with beef 
Avengers' potatoes 
Bacon and cabbage omelette 
Baked Camembert with Walnuts 
Baked leek and Camembert slices 
Baked Mont d'Or with diced mixed vegetables 
Baked potoatoes with herb butter or cream  
Beans with tomatoes 
Big knife-cut chips (French fries)  
Breton galettes (pancakes) 
Breton Pie 
Breton Sandwich 
Broccoli savoury custard 
Cabbage julienne with ham 
Cauliflower curry 
Celeriac and mushroom gratin 
Cheese Soufflé Dur
Cheese tart 
Chicken and mushroom brik rolls 
Chicken and mushroom pie 
Chicken pie Dur
Chicken with rice and leeks 
Comtoise stuffed tomatoes 
Comtoise tart for Seàn 
Country vegetable soup 
Courgettes (zuchinis)  
Crab and smoked salmon club sandwiches  
Creamy risotto with diced vegetables and flax seeds 
Creamy risotto with vegetables  Dur
Crispy potato and mushroom brik rolls 
Crispy potato galette with leeks 
Crispy rolls with chicken and leek 
Crispy smoked salmon and herb rolls 
Crispy spinach rolls 
Croque-monsieur complet 
Croque-monsieur gourmand 
Curried prawn risotto 
Duck Parmentier 
Eggs Comtoise 
Eggs in brioche nests 
Eggs in tomato shells 
Eggs meurette 
Eggs with tomatoes and courgettes 
Endive gratin with cancoillotte 
Endives "bonne femme" 
Express sauerkraut 
Feta and spinach brik pie 
Filo leeks and cheese tart 
French toast "cordon bleu" 
French-style peas 
Fresh spinach with cream 
Fried bread with leek and poached egg  
Fried egg in bread 
Fried eggs with tomatoes 
Fried rillettes 
Gisèle's Pasties 
Grated potato cakes 
Gratin Dauphinois 
Gratin of Endives with Mont d'Or 
Gratin of purple artichokes 
Gratin slices with spinach 
Green asparagus omelette 
Green beans with tomatoes 
Grilled cheese 
Hachis parmentier : meat with mashed potato and cheese 
Ham "friand" pie 
Ham pasta bake 
Harvest Gratin 
Home-made potato crisps  
Hot box cheese  
Hotpot my grandmother's way  
Individual creamy endive gratins 
Italian style gratin 
Layered Leek and Egg Gratin  
Leek and artichoke tart à la piémontaise 
Leek and fresh tuna tart 
Leek and Mimolette tart 
Leek and tuna loaf 
Maroilles cheese quiche 
Mediterranean toast 
Melting Epoisses on toast  
Montbenoit's canapés 
Morel risotto with Vin Jaune and Mont d'Or 
Mushroom and artichoke omelette 
Mushroom buckwheat pancakes 
Mushroom Pancakes au Gratin 
Mushrooms on toast, French style 
Nanou's tuna tart 
New York style pasta 
Oven omelette 
Oven-roasted Sprouts 
Oxtail Parmentier 
Pasta with green asparagus 
Pasta with mushrooms 
Pasta with pesto and preserved tomatoes 
Penne with Mushrooms 
Penne with purple artichokes 
Pissaladière with puff pastry 
Polenta with spinach and soft-poached egg Dur
Potato and broccoli gratin 
Potato and two ham gratin 
Potato gratin 
Potato Waffles with Smoked Salmon 
Potato wallets 
Potatoes with smoked salmon 
Potimarron (chestnut pumpkin) "au gratin" 
Purple artichokes braised in white wine 
Quartet of brassicas with cream  
Quiche Lorraine 
Ratatouille confite 
Real home-made chips*  
Red rice pannequets 
Rice and peas 
Roasted Cauliflower 
Salmon and Spinach Gratin 
Salt cod brandade 
Sarladaise potatoes 
Sausage buckwheat pancakes 
Sausage in brioche 
Sausage mushroom and cheese crumble 
Sausage with duchess potatoes and a Mont d'Or fondue  
Sautéd broccoli with ham 
Sautéd mushrooms with spring onions and cured ham 
Sautéed green vegetables 
Sautéed Green Vegetables 
Scallop and leek pancakes 
Scrambled eggs with butter-fried bread and fresh spinach 
Seafood sauerkraut 
Shallot confit tart 
Sliced cauliflower with 3 cheeses 
Sliced chicken with mushrooms and broccoli 
Small ratatouille with  
Soufflée omelette with cheese Video
Spaghetti Bolognese 
Spaghetti Carbonara 
Spaghetti with mushrooms 
Spaghetti with smoked salmon 
Spinach and Comté Loaf 
Spinach and hard-boiled egg gratin 
Spinach and ricotta ravioli 
Spinach brik parcels 
Spinach Croque-monsieur  
Spinach Omelette 
Spinach on toast with bechamel 
Steamed leeks with morel sabayon 
Stuffed cabbage leaves 
Stuffed Mushrooms 
Stuffed pumpkin gratin 
Stuffed tomatoes and courgettes 
Summery cheese on toast 
Tagliatelle and courgette spaghetti, carbonara style 
Tartine du pêcheur  
Thaï rice with small vegetables 
Thin endive tart 
Tomato omelette 
Triple-Cheese Pumpkin Gratin 
Upside-down Parmentier 
Vegetable clafoutis 
Vegetable pie 
Warm cauliflower salad with two cheeses 
Warm Leek and Potato Salad 
Welsh (French Welsh Rarebit) 
Winemaker's toast 


"BN style" chocolate-filled biscuits 
4 pears salad with vanilla 
Almond mug cake for Mary 
Almond tuiles 
Amiens macaroons 
Apple amandine tarts from Brélès 
Apple and almond gratin 
Apple and Blackcurrant Brioche Pies 
Apple and pear tart 
Apple Batter Puddings 
Apple charlotte with toasted brioche 
Apple crisps 
Apple Pie 
Apple semelles (flat apple tarts) 
Apple Strudel 
Apple Tatin Terrine 
Apricot and almond cream tart 
Apricot blancmange 
Apricot fool 
Arizona cupcakes 
Arlesian Biscuits 
Baked apples from St Aubin le Vertueux 
Belle-helene in a glass 
Black Forest gateau Dur
Blackcurrant sorbet for Edith 
Blackcurrant, vanilla and lime verrine  
Blackcurrant-almond muffins 
Bonnevaux apple tart 
Bounty-style tart for Alison 
Brioche galette 
Brioche slices with almond cream 
Brioche Tatin 
Buckwheat almond biscuits 
Candied grapefruit peel 
Cannelés Dur
Caramel rice pudding 
Caramelised apple pie 
Caramelized brioche with pear and kiwi 
Caribbean upside-down cake 
Chaud-froid of grapefruit, pineapple and lime custard  
Checkerboard biscuits 
Cherry and pistachio tarts 
Cherry clafoutis 
Chestnut cake 
Chestnut Fudge Cupcakes 
Chocolate almond cookies 
Chocolate and matcha tea biscuits 
Chocolate and vanilla crème brûlée Video Dur
Chocolate cake 
Chocolate cream 
Chocolate cream with a crunch, irish coffee mousse 
Chocolate eclairs Video Dur
Chocolate madeleines 
Chocolate mousse 
Chocolate muffins 
Chocolate mug cake 
Chocolate tart 
Chocolate thins with toasted nuts 
Chocolate Truffles 
Cigarettes Russes (Piroulines) Video Dur
Clementine sorbet 
Cochelin d'Evreux 
Coconut rocks 
Coconut tuiles Video
Coconut-vanilla cream for Elsa  
Corsican tarts Dur
Coupe Augustin 
Crème brulée Video Dur
Crème caramel 
Crêpes Suzette Video
Crust for tea 
Crusty pistachio, almond and apricot flan 
Elsa' s Comtoise galette 
Epiphany galette 
Eton mess 
European glass Dur
Exotic fruit tart 
Express apple tart 
Fillings for macaroons 
Finger biscuits Video
Flambéd bananas  
Fraisier (French strawberry cake) Dur
French custard tart 
French Family Cake 
Fresh fruit in sabayon 
Fresh mint ice-cream 
Frozen Nougat Dur
Fruit crumble 
Fruit salad 
Gâteau Basque  
Gâteau Breton (Brittany butter cake) 
Gâteau Nantais 
Grandma Solange's biscuits 
Half-cooked chocolate cake with raspberry coulis 
Household cake (Gâteau de ménage) 
Ice-cream Vacherin 
Individual charlottes with morello cherries 
Jam doughnuts 
Kouing-aman Dur
Kouing-aman brioche Video Dur
Lemon Meringue Pie Verrines 
Lemon Tart / Meringue Pie 
Liège waffles 
Like Bounty 
Linzer torte 
Little apple turnovers with almonds and raisins 
Little caramelized peach tarts 
Little Christmas biscuits 
Little lime tarts 
Little vanilla, clementine and chestnut verrines 
Macarons (the original French macaroons)  Dur
Melon with port sorbet 
Milk rolls Video
Millefeuille Dur
Mini palmiers 
Minted Melon 
Moist cereal bars 
Moist Lemon Cake 
Nanou's chocolate cake Video
Nanterre brioche 
New tiramisu 
Nougat Dur
Oat financiers for Louise 
Oat shortbread biscuits 
Oaty walnut cake  
Pain perdu 
Pannacotta and blackcurrant crumble 
Passion fruit jellies 
Peach and blackcurrant coupe 
Peach and green tea tart 
Peach and mint salad  
Peach Melba 
Pear and lime meringue pie Dur
Pear charlotte 
Pear sorbet 
Pear tart with almond cream 
Pear, grapefruit and pistachio tart 
Pears and caramelised walnut samosas  Video
Pears in red wine with blackcurrant  
Pecan fruit rolls  
Pets de nonne 
Pink Reims biscuits 
Pistachio "Financiers" 
Pistachio custard tart 
Pistachio ice cream 
Pistachio madeleines 
Pistachio shortbread biscuits 
Pistachio tiramisu 
Plain cake 
Plum tart 
Poire Belle Hélène 
Praline rochers 
Prune Far 
Puits d'amour Video Dur
Quick bramble jelly 
Quick orange marmalade 
Quick Strawberry Millefeuille 
Raspberry muffins 
Rhubarb tart 
Rice pudding (riz au lait) 
Rice pudding with fruit and nuts 
Rum babas 
Saint Honoré cake Dur
Santiago Cake 
Sautéed pears with custard and orange syrup  
Sicilian Epiphany Pie 
Simple maple-syrup tart 
Soft fruits in sabayon 
St Tropez tart 
Strawberries with mint and cream 
Strawberry and rhubarb crumble 
Strawberry Charlotte 
Strawberry feuilleté Dur
Strawberry sorbet 
Strawberry tart 
Strawberry Verveine Tart  
Strawberry, kiwi and mascarpone verrines 
Succès praliné (praline meringue) Dur
Sweet pancake rolls from Brittany 
Tart Tatin 
Tatin apples with mascarpone cream 
Tea and white chocolate biscuits 
Tiramisu Video
Toasted almond cake 
Toasted-flour biscuits 
Toffee apple upside-down cake 
Two-coloured chocolate-orange tart Dur
Valay-Brest Dur
Vanilla ice cream 
Walnut short bread 
Warm apple feuillantines Dur
Yvetot Douillons 


Aperitif rolls 
Bacon rolls 
Brioche feuilletée (flaky brioche) Dur
Burger buns 
Chocolate rolls (petits pains) 
Ciabatta Video
Classic French white bread Video
Cornmeal baps for Anne 
Cretan Bread 
Dipping bread with cheese 
Flaky brownie brioche Dur
Flaky chocolate brioche Dur
Fougasse with bacon and Comté 
Franche-Comté sticks Video
French baguettes Video Dur
French croissants Video Dur
Jura bread 
Kugelhof for Nanou 
Leavened bread Video
Loaf for "les filles'" Dur
Lumberjack turnovers Video Dur
Mini apricot and pistachio brioches 
Mixed seed grissinis 
Nantes Tourton 
Natural leaven Video
New hamburger buns 
New leavened bread Video
Ocean bread Video
Old style brioche 
Olive and pesto bread 
Pains aux raisins 
Panettone Dur
Peanut rolls 
Pitta bread 
Pizza dough 
Preserved tomatoes 
Pretzels Video
Rolled chestnut and apple brioche 
Roscoff loaf 
Sandwich bread 
Saucipain Video
Seeded loaf Video
Special Cheese and Walnut Sticks 
Special Parmesan baguettes 
Special small breads 
Spring Bread 
Surprise bread Dur
Tomato foccacia 
Tomato sauce for pizzas 
Two-olive ciabatta 

Drinks and cocktails

Blackcurrant liqueur 
Hot chocolate 
Mulled wine Belle-Plagne style 

Recipes for kids

Four quarters 
Four quarters (adding fruit) 
Oriane's tuna rillettes  
Tomato ladybirds 
X-Files cookies 

Basic recipes

Almond cream or frangipane 
Almond dacquoise 
Apple confectioner's custard Video
Béarnaise sauce 
Bechamel sauce 
Beurre blanc sauce 
Biscuit de Savoie sponge cake 
Blackcurrant coulis 
Bouquet garni 
Brioche dough Dur
Buckwheat pancakes 
Butter cream 
Caramelised walnuts 
Caramelized Onions 
Chantilly cream Video
Chocolate Chantilly  
Chocolate ganache 
Chocolate sauce 
Choux pastry (pâte à choux) 
Citrus crunch 
Clarified butter 
Cocktail sauce 
Coconut paste 
Confectioner's custard (Crème pâtissière, or French pastry cream) Video
Feta in olive oil with herbs 
Foie gras Chantilly  
French dressing (vinaigrette) Video
Fresh pasta dough 
Fruit coulis (fruit purée) 
Génoise (Genoa sponge) Dur
Green parsley sauce 
Herb olive oil 
Herb salad 
Hollandaise sauce Dur
How to succeed in making sabayon (syllabub) Dur
Italian Meringue Dur
Lemon Confectioner's Custard Video
Lemon Mayonnaise 
Lettuce "chiffonade" 
Light herb sauce 
Lime (or lemon) curd 
Macédoine of vegetables 
Marchand de vin sauce 
Marzipan (almond paste) 
Mayonnaise Video
Muffin dough 
Nougatine Dur
Pan-fried potatoes 
Pancake batter 
Panna cotta 
Pear compote  
Pickled gherkins 
Pilau rice 
Pistachio cream 
Pistachio powder or paste 
Poached eggs Dur
Poaching syrup 
Potato purée  
Potimarron (Japanese chestnut pumpkin) purée 
Preserved lemons 
Puff or flaky pastry (pâte feuilletée) Dur
Real custard sauce (crème anglaise) 
Rémoulade dressing 
Roquefort sauce 
Royal icing 
Sauce Normande (for fish) 
Scrambled eggs (Oeufs brouillés) Dur
Shortcrust pastry (pâte brisée) 
Stewed apple (compote) Video
Stewed apricots 
Stewed plums 
Stewed rhubarb 
Sugar syrup 
Sweetcrust pastry (pâte sablée) 
Swiss meringues 
Toasted flaked almonds 
Tomato pesto 
Vanilla sugar 
Vegetable stock 
Vol-au-vent cases Dur
Walnut paste 

Tips and tricks

Cooking sugar Dur
Don't add a stock cube whole 
Don't throw apricot stones away 
How to add beaten eggs whites to a mixture 
How to bake blind a pastry cake  
How to beat egg whites 
How to break a chocolate bar into small pieces 
How to butter a dish or a mould easily  
How to choose an avocado well  
How to cook bacon and remove excess fat 
How to cook hard-boiled eggs properly  
How to cook Morteau sausage well 
How to cook pasta properly 
How to cook potato grenaille  
How to cook red meat properly 
How to cook rice in rice-cooker 
How to divide a preparation evenly 
How to dust Video
How to extract passion fruit juice 
How to fry eggs well Video
How to glaze a tart  
How to grill salmon well 
How to heat milk without it catching on the bottom of the pan 
How to heat plates 
How to keep a tart pastry case crisp 
How to keep meat tender after cooking 
How to know when a cake is cooked  
How to make chocolate chips Video
How to make fleur de sel (salt flakes) 
How to make marzipan decorations 
How to make ravioli 
How to peel a fruit Video
How to peel a garlic clove easily Video
How to peel a pineapple 
How to poach peaches 
How to prepare a bain-marie 
How to prepare a lettuce 
How to prepare a pumpkin (or potimarron) 
How to prepare an avocado Video
How to prepare an onion or shallot Video
How to prepare asparagus 
How to prepare beaten egg-yolk Video
How to prepare broccoli Video
How to prepare cabbage 
How to prepare carrots 
How to prepare cauliflower 
How to prepare cockles Video
How to prepare corn salad 
How to prepare courgettes 
How to prepare cucumber 
How to prepare endives  
How to prepare leeks Video
How to prepare purple artichokes Video
How to prepare rhubarb Video
How to prepare romanesco Video
How to prepare sorrel 
How to prepare spinach Video
How to prepare tomatoes 
How to prevent a sheet of paper sliding 
How to prevent bad breath after eating garlic Video
How to prevent butter burning during cooking 
How to prevent peeled fruit or vegetables turning brown 
How to rehydrate dried mushrooms 
How to remove fat from meat juices 
How to roll out pastry for a tart Video
How to seal a terrine or casserole dish 
How to slow cook meat 
How to use a forcing bag (piping or icing bag)  
How to use a vanilla pod effectively 
How to use gelatin 
You should not add raisins to recipes dry  
You should not beat egg yolks at high speed to start with 
You should not leave egg yolks in contact with sugar 
You should not push with the sharp edge of a knife 
You should not put an aluminum container directly in the oven 
You should not soak strawberries in water 

World recipes

Bolognaise lasagne 
Caesar salad 
Chicken nems Video Dur
Doughnuts Video
Dublin fruit scones 
Home-made doner kebab 
Hot tomato sauce 
Key Lime Pie for Jeremy 
Little lemon biscuits 
Mexican ceviche Video
Minestrone Dur
Pan-baked hash brown (Hash-brown casserole) 
Pavlova Dur
Pea risotto "mantecare" 
Potato tortilla (Spanish omelette) 
Potatoes with prawns 
Sautéed Pork with Peanuts 
Spinach fritters 
Sushi Dur
Thai-style Chicken with Cashew Nuts 
Vietnamese prawns 

Culinary sayings and myths

Boiling potatoes in their skins 
One should cover a pan while heating 
The avocado stone stops the flesh turning brown 
The fastest type of hob 
When to add salt to cooking water? 

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