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[Cooking sugar]
Cooking sugar
Cooking sugar, which is one of the basics of patisserie and sweet-making, is a delicate operation in which sugar is heated from 100°C or 212°F to 180°C or 356°F. Here is some information on this tricky subject. [Translator's note: the terms used below correspond to the French tradition, as often...
39,3954.9/5 for 20 ratings 43 min.
[How to bake blind ]
How to bake blind
This method allows you to cook a tart case, and then fill with a preparation which may or may not need further cooking (fruit, chocolate, crème patissière , etc...).
31,8225/5 for 13 ratings 1 hour 40 min.
[How to cook bacon and remove excess fat]
How to cook bacon and remove excess fat
To prevent excess fat in a recipe using bacon, you can "blanch" it before use, leaving most of the fat in the pan with the water.
57,154 44.8/5 for 5 ratings 14 min.
[How to cook hard-boiled eggs properly ]
How to cook hard-boiled eggs properly
A hard-boiled egg is properly cooked when: shell is not broken, white and yolk are firm, yolk is only yellow with no traces of green around it. Here are some tips to make this easy.
100,583 65/5 for 3 ratings 1 hour 28 min.
[How to cook Morteau sausage well]
How to cook Morteau sausage well
This is, in my opinion, the best smoked sausage. You can cook it in a number of ways, here are three of the best known.
60,1114/5 for 7 ratings 40 min.
[How to cook pasta properly]
How to cook pasta properly
Here is some advice for pasta that's properly cooked and doesn't stick.
64,2494.4/5 for 15 ratings 22 min.
[How to cook red meat properly]
How to cook red meat properly
Cooking red meat well is not as simple as it might seem. Even if you start with high quality meat, with poor cooking it can become dry and tough. Here's a way that will guarantee you a perfect result.
98,1062.8/5 for 16 ratings 1 hour 24 min.
[How to cook rice in rice-cooker]
How to cook rice in rice-cooker
Cooking rice in a specially adapted "rice-cooker" is practical and quick: you don't have to watch it during cooking, it's fast (15 minutes) and the rice-cooker switches automatically to "keep warm".
80,784 24.9/5 for 20 ratings 20 min.
[How to fry eggs well]
How to fry eggs well
You've probably heard the expression: "S/he can't even cook an egg," suggesting that the person referred is a hopeless cook. In reality, frying eggs well isn't as easy as it might appear. The two most frequent errors: the white develops a brown crust around the outside which is unpleasant in the...
45,779 14.6/5 for 14 ratings 20 min.
[How to grill salmon well]
How to grill salmon well
This is not as simple as it might at first appear. A properly grilled piece of salmon should be crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. This soft interior is achieved by very strict timing (cooking fish just right is a sign of a true chef), as undercooked it is unpleasant, and overcooked the...
17,3744.3/5 for 15 ratings 22 min.
[How to slow cook meat]
How to slow cook meat
By cooking meat slowly with no added fat, it will become very tender - almost melt-in-the-mouth - and can be cut with a fork.
34,2215/5 for 13 ratings 4 hours 45 min.

How to...

[How to cook caramelized puff pastry well]
How to cook caramelized puff pastry well
When puff pastry is caramelized to use in patisseries like millefeuille, French chefs call it a "feuilletage" (which means "lamination" or "leafing"). This is baked on its own before being assembled with cream, fruit, etc. The baking needs to be carefully managed: the pastry should puff into layers,...
10,421 25/5 for 20 ratings 36 min.
[How to cook potato grenaille ]
How to cook potato grenaille
The French call very small potatoes "grenaille". This is a typical way of cooking them: the tiny potatoes are pan-fried in their skins and make an excellent accompanient for meat. Grenaille can be made with any kind of potato; it is a question of size, rather than variety, though I think that...
26,0424.8/5 for 12 ratings 43 min.
[How to divide a preparation evenly]
How to divide a preparation evenly
It often happens in cooking: one makes a cream for 6 people in a saucepan, then the recipe says "divide the cream evenly between the glasses", which usually gets done by eye with varying degrees of success. To divide out the preparation more precisely, here's a simple tip just using weighing scales.
11,7825/5 for 13 ratings 16 min.
[How to dust]
How to dust
"Dusting" in cooking is sprinkling a very fine layer of something in powder form. Icing sugar or cocoa powder on cakes for example. As this is not very easy to do evenly, here is a way to do it.
27,3525/5 for 1 ratings 2 min.
[How to extract passion fruit juice]
How to extract passion fruit juice
Passion fruit are rather strange fruit as they do not really have much flesh, but rather seeds surrounded by a fine layer of pulp. Here is a way to extract the juice.
88,557 32.3/5 for 4 ratings 20 min.
[How to freeze plums]
How to freeze plums
When fruit is in season, there's sometimes a glut - far more than we can use at once. Freezing is a good solution, but plums and other stone fruit should not be frozen whole; the fruit will be unappetizing when thawed. Here's a simple method for successful freezing.
4,8454.5/5 for 2 ratings 12 hours 40 min.
[How to glaze a tart ]
How to glaze a tart
Professional pastrycooks usually say that "a beautiful cake is already half sold", it is one of the reasons why they do not put a tart on sale without glazing it ("abricoter" in Fench), i.e. coating it with a thick apricot syrup. This glaze gives a glossy finish to the tart (see the photographs...
31,3324.6/5 for 12 ratings 7 min.
[How to heat plates]
How to heat plates
In restaurants serving "à l'assiette", wich means that your dish is presented already served on a plate, it's very important for the plates to be hot, otherwise dishes arrive cold and it's the customer that (rightly) becomes heated. At home it's worth doing the same thing: you are sure to serve hot...
28,738 43.7/5 for 3 ratings 22 min.
[How to know when a cake is cooked ]
How to know when a cake is cooked
It's a frequently asked question and it's not so easy to answer it, especially for beginners: you can have a cake that's nice and golden brown outside, but which is not cooked enough in the middle.
20,1444.1/5 for 16 ratings 1 min.
[How to make a good pastry tart case ]
How to make a good pastry tart case
Lining a tin or mould with pastry to make a tart or pie seems simple enough: you roll out the pastry, put it in the tin and trim off any overhanging bits. It may not be rocket science, but if you want a tart with a perfect pastry case, it really helps to take care over a few details, which I will...
3,679 42 min.
[How to make chocolate chips]
How to make chocolate chips
These chocolate chips, very fine, are perfect for decorating a dessert, but they can also be incorporated in a preparation like mint ice-cream for example.
54,2143.8/5 for 17 ratings 5 min.
[How to make fleur de sel (salt flakes)]
How to make fleur de sel (salt flakes)
French "fleur de sel" is a salt with a special texture, formed by the action of the wind on salt marshs. The wind dries the surface of the water which has a high salt concentration (this will later become sea salt) producing thin flaky crystals.
76,908 44.7/5 for 7 ratings 1 hour 7 min.
[How to make marzipan decorations]
How to make marzipan decorations
Making marzipan decorations for cakes or desserts is fairly simple. Here are some tips to make it even easier.
60,616 25/5 for 2 ratings 13 min.
[How to make ravioli]
How to make ravioli
In theory, making ravioli is fairly simple: just roll out wide bands of thin fresh pasta dough and encase small pieces of pre-prepared filling between two sheets of pasta. In practice, it's a bit trickier than that and having the right equipment is important. This recipe shows you how to make...
10,2745/5 for 1 ratings 1 hour 17 min.
[How to peel a fruit]
How to peel a fruit
Usually French chefs says "peler à vif", which means to completely peel the fruit (removing skin and core) and keep only the very best of the flesh. Here is a method for grapefruit, but it can be used for all the other citrus fruit, and many other fruits.
37,2914.3/5 for 10 ratings 32 min.
[How to peel a pineapple]
How to peel a pineapple
For most recipes it is necessary to completely peel the pineapple, and to keep only the flesh which is then often cut into small pieces. Here is a method.
36,7513.7/5 for 19 ratings 20 min.
[How to peel pistachios]
How to peel pistachios
If you buy pistachios shelled but still in their skins (cheaper than ready peeled), you shouldn't use them like this. They need to be "skinned", removing the skin which is pretty unpleasant to eat. Here's a fairly easy way to do it.
5,3053.3/5 for 3 ratings 28 min.
[How to peel tomatoes using a flame]
How to peel tomatoes using a flame
The classic and most usual way to peel tomatoes is by plunging them first into boiling water, then into cold. But there is another method, "flame peeling", which is quicker than boiling water as it bursts the tomato skins open very rapidly. Here is how to do it.
2,692 11 min.
[How to poach peaches]
How to poach peaches
To poach peaches, we begin rather like for tomatoes. To peel them, we boil them for a few seconds, then plunge them into cold water.Once the skin has been removed, they are poached gently in a light syrup.
60,1193/5 for 2 ratings 1 hour 49 min.
[How to prepare a bain-marie]
How to prepare a bain-marie
A bain-marie is the best way to cook or heat a preparation gently without risk of burning.
25,9855/5 for 2 ratings 7 min.
[How to prepare a lettuce]
How to prepare a lettuce
It is much more economical to buy a whole lettuce than separate leaves in a plastic packet. And it's so simple to prepare - you can see how here.
19,1104.9/5 for 21 ratings 28 min.
[How to prepare a pumpkin (or potimarron)]
How to prepare a pumpkin (or potimarron)
Here is how to prepare a pumpkin for use in a recipe like the delicious potimarron soup.
59,3814.6/5 for 14 ratings 25 min.
[How to prepare an avocado]
How to prepare an avocado
Here is how to get from an avocado only the flesh of the fruit.
25,409 14/5 for 2 ratings 11 min.
[How to prepare cabbage]
How to prepare cabbage
Cabbage can be used cooked or raw, whole leaves or in julienne. Here is how to prepare a cabbage julienne.
76,790 13.9/5 for 14 ratings 43 min.
[How to prepare cockles]
How to prepare cockles
Cockles are small Atlantic shellfish which can be used in many delicious dishes. However, they need to be prepared with care before cooking. Here is a simple way to do this.
72,411 13.7/5 for 20 ratings 1 hour 52 min.
[How to prepare corn salad]
How to prepare corn salad
Corn salad (or lamb's lettuce) is a green salad plant. It can be used like lettuce, but requires careful preparation as it is often grown in sand. Here is how to prepare corn salad from the freshly picked plant to the leaves ready to use.
16,8034.1/5 for 16 ratings 20 min.
[How to prepare courgettes]
How to prepare courgettes
Preparing courgettes is fairly simple. You just need to remember 3 things: 1) the bigger they are, the less good they will be, 2) they never need to be peeled, and 3) the central part with the seeds is pretty tasteless.
29,464 13.8/5 for 19 ratings 29 min.
[How to prepare cucumber]
How to prepare cucumber
Or how to start with a whole cucumber and finish with small crunchy dice, ready to be added to a salad.
33,0304.5/5 for 11 ratings 39 min.
[How to prepare egg glaze]
How to prepare egg glaze
Bakers and pastry chefs use a glaze ("dorure" in French - the same word as for gilding) made with whole full eggs, beaten in a blender. This is used with a brush on pastry that would not naturally brown during cooking (brioche, puff pastry, ...).
48,3404.7/5 for 3 ratings 2 min.
[How to prepare endives ]
How to prepare endives
A very classic recipe, but which can easily fail due to two main errors: too much water in bottom of dish because endives give off a lot, and endives that are too bitter so that children hate it. Here is a method which avoids these two problems.
32,8143.7/5 for 18 ratings 26 min.
[How to prepare purple artichokes]
How to prepare purple artichokes
The small purple artichokes, which are more tender than the larger green ones, are almost entirely edible. But they need to be prepared in a particular way. Here is how to do this fairly easily.
58,984 44/5 for 1 ratings 19 min.
[How to prepare rhubarb]
How to prepare rhubarb
Rhubarb and its characteristic flavour can be the basis of delicious desserts, but it needs to be prepared a certain way before using.
17,3524.9/5 for 12 ratings 30 min.
[How to prepare romanesco]
How to prepare romanesco
Here is how to take a whole romanesco and end up with small pieces ready to use in a recipe.
26,067 23.7/5 for 3 ratings 28 min.
[How to prepare sorrel]
How to prepare sorrel
Here is how to clean and cut fresh leaves to use in a recipe, by removing stalks and central vein, to retain only the very best of the sorrel.
72,8833.8/5 for 4 ratings 34 min.
[How to prepare spinach]
How to prepare spinach
For most people (and me most of all), spinach brings back bad memories of canteens... But, well prepared, it's a fine and delicate vegetable which goes remarkably well with scrambled eggs, fish, and many another things. Here are two ways of preparing it.
98,3743.5/5 for 8 ratings 1 hour 9 min.
[How to prepare tomatoes]
How to prepare tomatoes
Yes, I know you will say to me: why peel tomatoes? The answer is very simple: it's much better, gives a better texture, softer in the mouth. The skin is tough, adds nothing to the taste (and you will have noticed that commercial tomatoes have practically no taste), and finally it's there (on/under...
89,890 24/5 for 8 ratings 40 min.
[How to rehydrate dried mushrooms]
How to rehydrate dried mushrooms
Rehydrating dried mushrooms restoes them to something like their fresh texture, ready to use in a recipe. You will see that there is more to it than simply leaving them to soak in water. At the same time, we can also make a delicious mushroom "jus" to use in recipes. Throughout the recipe, I have...
13,9884.8/5 for 13 ratings 1 hour 10 min.
[How to remove fat from meat juices]
How to remove fat from meat juices
After cooking meat, we are left with the delicious cooking juices, but these can often be rather fatty. Here is one simple and effective way to remove much of the fat.
5,6393/5 for 2 ratings 3 hours 4 min.
[How to roll out pastry for a tart]
How to roll out pastry for a tart
Rolling out pastry from a block and lining a tart mould or tin is not as straighforward as all that. To help you to succeed every time, here is a very simple tip. It will to change your opinion of tarts...
43,5594.6/5 for 14 ratings 23 min.
[How to seal a terrine or casserole dish]
How to seal a terrine or casserole dish
The French have a term for it: "luter", which means to seal around the lid of a cooking dish with dough. The dough forms a crust and hermetically seals in all the steam and flavours while the dish is cooking in the oven. This is a good way to concentrate flavours. The dish is brought to the table...
10,7523.8/5 for 17 ratings 33 min.
[How to use a forcing bag (piping or icing bag) ]
How to use a forcing bag (piping or icing bag)
The forcing bag is the tool needed whenever you need to deposit a blob of something precisely in a particular place (in a mould, a glass, on a plate, etc). Here is how you do it.
28,206 15/5 for 1 ratings 22 min.
[How to use a vanilla pod effectively]
How to use a vanilla pod effectively
Vanilla pods are used in many recipes, but they need to treated in a particular way to be effective, detailed here.
76,3814.3/5 for 6 ratings 34 min.
[How to use gelatin]
How to use gelatin
Gelatin is a gelling agent use in some desserts where a rather firm texture is required when cold. It can also be used to stabilize a dessert (mousses especially) that you need to keep longer than usual.
27,4504.8/5 for 19 ratings 7 min.


[How to keep a tart pastry case crisp]
How to keep a tart pastry case crisp
The problem with tarts, and fruit tarts in particular, is that the filling (fruit, cream or whatever) ends up soaking into the pastry and turns it soft. Here is a professional tip for avoiding this problem: spread a thin layer of white chocolate, which does not have a strong flavour, in the bottom...
24,7844.7/5 for 18 ratings 1 hour


[How to add beaten eggs whites to a mixture]
How to add beaten eggs whites to a mixture
It is common in cooking or pastry, having beaten whites mix preparation to another without making them completely fall, here are some tips to help you to.
13,9854.3/5 for 15 ratings 10 min.
[How to beat egg whites]
How to beat egg whites
Beat egg whites is very common in cooking and pastry, here are some tips to get there easily.
36,0555/5 for 1 ratings 5 min.
[How to break a chocolate bar into small pieces]
How to break a chocolate bar into small pieces
Most of the time chocolate needs to be broken into small pieces before use, because it melts faster and more evenly. Here is a way to do it quickly.
21,8783/5 for 2 ratings 1 min.
[How to butter a dish or a mould easily ]
How to butter a dish or a mould easily
Often when making gratins, crumbles or other oven-cooked dishes, you will need to butter the dish or mould. To butter (or grease) means to rub inside the mould with a knob of butter to prevent the mixture sticking too much. Instead of putting a knob of butter in the dish and wiping with paper, here...
13,5574.1/5 for 19 ratings 1 min.
[How to choose an avocado well ]
How to choose an avocado well
It is not so easy to choose a good avocado, tasty and well ripe. Here are some tips to help you.
15,9864.8/5 for 12 ratings 1 min.
[How to heat milk without it catching on the bottom of the pan]
How to heat milk without it catching on the bottom of the pan
Very often when you heat milk in a saucepan, it forms at the bottom of the pan (especially if the milk boiled) a sticky and brown bottom of milk that burned and attached. To avoid this here is a very simple and very effective tip.
31,7295/5 for 4 ratings 1 min.
[How to keep meat tender after cooking]
How to keep meat tender after cooking
When you cook meat, the cooking heat causes the juices to run back inside, so the outside dries up somewhat. Here is a tip to avoid this.
15,3694.3/5 for 15 ratings 5 min.
[How to peel a garlic clove easily]
How to peel a garlic clove easily
Here are, in a video, how to from a head of garlic to clove ready to be used.
10,889 24.3/5 for 15 ratings 5 min.
[How to prepare leeks]
How to prepare leeks
Leeks are vegetables that are often muddy, we must be careful when washing them to remove mud that would be very unpleasant to "discover" the plate.
34,4255/5 for 1 ratings 30 min.
[How to prevent a sheet of paper sliding]
How to prevent a sheet of paper sliding
If you put cooking parchment on a baking sheet, you will find it slides all over the place, which is annoying.
9,9074.5/5 for 19 ratings 3 min.
[How to prevent bad breath after eating garlic]
How to prevent bad breath after eating garlic
The main problem with garlic, is that even a long while after eating it, you often still have the smell on your breath.
12,783 24.5/5 for 19 ratings
[How to prevent butter burning during cooking]
How to prevent butter burning during cooking
Butter, which is excellent for fixing flavours in a recipe, burns if the temperature is too high. It darkens and produces unpleasant small black specks (by the way, note that the famous recipe "raie au beurre noir", ray in black butter, is a kind of sacrilege!).
25,784 24.1/5 for 19 ratings 3 min.
[How to prevent peeled fruit or vegetables turning brown]
How to prevent peeled fruit or vegetables turning brown
Most fruits turn brown soon after peeling due to oxydation, and this is unattractive. To prevent this, you will find many recipes that tell you to coat them with lemon juice as soon as they are peeled. It's relatively effective when fruit are simply to be used peeled, but if you want to make a...
19,0784/5 for 19 ratings 1 min.

Work on/prepare an ingredient

[How to prepare an onion or shallot]
How to prepare an onion or shallot
Onions and shallots are widely used in the recipes on this site, generally finely chopped. Here is a method to do it quite easily with a simple knife.
17,4765/5 for 1 ratings 10 min.
[How to prepare asparagus]
How to prepare asparagus
Preparing asparagus spears properly involves washing and peeling, then cooking them just right. Here is a simple way to do this.
11,9764.9/5 for 20 ratings 33 min.
[How to prepare broccoli]
How to prepare broccoli
Broccoli are vegetable cousins to cauliflowers. Here's how to prepare them for using in a recipe.
62,1163/5 for 2 ratings 35 min.
[How to prepare carrots]
How to prepare carrots
Here's how to prepare carrots, from the simplest way (peeled then rinsed) to a more sophisticated version where only the very best ofthe vegetable is kept.
33,9404.3/5 for 16 ratings 14 min.
[How to prepare cauliflower]
How to prepare cauliflower
This is how to start with a whole califlower and finish with only the best of the vegetable.
29,1144.1/5 for 16 ratings 33 min.

You should not...

[Don't add a stock cube whole]
Don't add a stock cube whole
If you add a stock cube to a recipe, it's much better to not add it whole, because it will take a long time to dissolve.
34,0775/5 for 1 ratings 2 min.
[Don't throw apricot stones away]
Don't throw apricot stones away
You might not think so to look at them, but apricot stones contain an edible kernel which you can use in your recipes. Here is how to extract them.
13,1113.5/5 for 2 ratings 18 min.
[You should not add raisins to recipes dry ]
You should not add raisins to recipes dry
Used straight from the packet raisins are too dry and hard.
35,5324.1/5 for 16 ratings 36 min.
[You should not beat egg yolks at high speed to start with]
You should not beat egg yolks at high speed to start with
You should not start beating egg yolks and caster sugar at high speed, because this splashes drops of egg yolk against the sides of the bowl, which then go hard as they dry.
28,224 24.5/5 for 19 ratings
[You should not leave egg yolks in contact with sugar]
You should not leave egg yolks in contact with sugar
You should not leave egg yolks in contact with sugar for too long without beating them, because this contact "cooks" egg yolks and you will get small lumps of hard egg in your mixture.
12,2935/5 for 18 ratings
[You should not push with the sharp edge of a knife]
You should not push with the sharp edge of a knife
When you cut something into small pieces on your working surface, it's an automatic gesture to push the pile with your knife blade. It's a bad habit because this will blunt your blade.
11,7205/5 for 2 ratings 1 min.
[You should not put an aluminum container directly in the oven]
You should not put an aluminum container directly in the oven
If you put an aluminum container, containing food to be cooked or reheated, in your oven directly on the shelf, the shiny base will reflect a large part of the oven heat (like a mirror). This means that the food will take much longer to cook or heat through than usual.
138,085 92.7/5 for 22 ratings 1 min.
[You should not soak strawberries in water]
You should not soak strawberries in water
When using strawberries in a recipe, the usual way is to soak in water, which is actually a very bad idea. Just look at how to preserve them here.
45,9633/5 for 4 ratings 10 min.

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