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In general when you first start cooking, utensils don't seem to be that important. Thinking (like me at my beginning) "Well, a pan is a pan, it's all in how you use it". But it's not that simple.

Utensils are very important, almost like quality ingredients, because they allow you to make the recipe in perfect conditions, as the author intended. If you use poor tools and your recipe goes wrong, it will be almost impossible to know where the problem lay. And for your working comfort, it's much easier to work with good tools.

What's here?

On this page you will find information on tools that you can use when cooking. They are separate in two categories : the "10 essentials", those that I think you must have in your kitchen, and the others. For each one, there are explanations on its use, and some councils of purchase. See about buys the best addresses page.

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Last modified on: January 19th 2021

The 10 essentials tools (I can't do anything without them...)

Other tools

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