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You may, if you wish, leave comments on certain pages. This comment or question will then be displayed with the recipe. I would be grateful if you would not write in SMS or only in CAPITAL LETTERS, but in proper English, otherwise your submission may be rejected.

Uploading an image

You may include an image with your comment.
All you need to do is to insert the following code at the point where you wish the image to appear:

[img]address (or URL) of your image[/img]

Example: [img][/img]

When submitted, this text will be replaced by your chosen image.

Please note: The images themselves are not stored on, just a link to them, so they need to be accessible on line elsewhere. If the link becomes obsolete, your image will no longer appear.

There are hundreds of sites where you can upload and store your photos online for free, such as for example.

Restrictions applying to images

  • The size of your source image should not exceed 200 kb or 800x600 pixels
  • The image will be re-dimensioned to 200 pixels wide
  • Acceptable file types: .jpg, .png or .gif
  • Your should respect the law relating to images, in particular regarding right of use, copyright and royalties. Specifically, images should be your own personal images, or in the public domain (be aware that images already in the public domain in the USA may still be covered by copyright or other rights in Europe).
  • You may not use this facility for advertising purposes
Any attempt to misuse comment submission, or to use it for any purpose other than that for which it is intended, will lead to the immediate deletion of the comment concerned.

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Last modified on: August 28th 2018

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I want to know how i can make the red meat soft for eating?
By Anonymous april 22th 2012 at 12:17 (n° 1)
Please add your question to a related recipe or page, not here.
By jh april 22th 2012 at 16:19 (n° 2)
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You are welcome, if you wish, to comment on this page: why you like it or not, what you have changed, what results it gave, point out a mistake or omission, etc. You can also ask a question. I answer all questions (in a broken English, sorry) unless someone else does it before me.
Please feel free to say what you think, I'm always very interested in your opinion. Your comment will appear on line with the page, so please write in standard readable English, not SIM or only in CAPITALS, otherwise your comment may be rejected.

Please look at advice for submitting a comment or image (what you should or should not do). By the way, don't type your e-mail address in the comment, otherwise you might be spammed.

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