This site without commercials?

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Last modified on: January 25th 2020

This site without advertising?

Cooking-ez is a free non-commercial, but it still needs a little sub to pay its own expenses (web hosting, domain name, etc.). And that's why banners advertisements are displayed on the pages of the site.

If the ads bother you, you can buy at a low price, one year subscription and get rid all the commercials.

This subscription to two main advantages: the pages are more pleasant to see, and they displayed more quickly.

How it works?

Just click on the "Buy now" button below to purchase a subscription of only 1 € / month (yes, just 12€ a year)via paypal or credit card. Upon receipt of your payment will immediately become the site without advertising for you, what you will be notified (e) by e-mail.

Subscription time

And so?

Subscribe brings a third advantage, more discreet: you will support the site, which I am grateful in advance.

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