How to cook caramelized puff pastry well (Slideshow version)

How to cook caramelized puff pastry well : Photo of step #26

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Watch for how the pastry is browning. The top baking sheet should be removed after about 20 minutes to allow the top of the feuillletage to brown nicely. Make use of this opportunity to turn the baking sheet round if necessary so that the pastry cooks evenly.

Take the pastry out of the oven when golden brown and leave to cool on a wire rack before using in a recipe.


It is important to caramelize the pastry: for flavour, of courxe, but mostly because the caramel forms a sealing layer which protects the pastry from the moist filling (usually cream) and keeps it crisp longer.

If you prefer not to caramelize the pastry, you can glaze it with egg to make it look more attractive.

Making a successful feuilletage is not easy, especially at first. It is worth remembering that the great French chef Joël Robuchon, when asked: "When was the first time you felt like a real cook?", replied: "The day I made my first successful strawberry millefeuille". So, be brave and have a go!

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