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Recipes already published

  1. - Chouquettes de Gruyère France
  2.   Le Quinotto vert écarlate au Gruyère France fondant
  3. - Mille et une feuilles de Gruyère France au jambon sec et saveur pâte de coing
  4. - Croustillant de confit de canard, panacotta de foie gras, tartare aux 2 magrets
  5. - Fantaisies de l’Auberge
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At what time?
At what time?
This page will automatically calculate for you, in 1 click, the start or end times of a recipe, and answer 2 questions that you may have already asked yourself: - At what time to start this recipe to finish at ...? or else - At what time would I finish this recipe if I start at ...?
1.6M 23.9 August 29th 2023
Random menu...
Random menu...
A complete menu with a starter, main course and dessert, generated at random, to modify as you choose.
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A little molecular gastronomy
A little molecular gastronomy
A little molecular gastronomy ot understand how slow cooking makes meat tender.
38K4.4 August 29th 2023
Elements in the table
Elements in the table
All elements of the Periodic Table in practice.
35K3.9 August 29th 2023
Nutritional information and ingredients
Nutritional information and ingredients
For each recipe you will find on this site, dietary information is calculated. It is thus presented to you: Protein weight in grams (gr)Weight of carbohydrates in grams (gr)The weight of lipids in grams (gr)And finally the energy value, expressed in kilo-calories (1 kilo-calorie = 1000 calories) and...
507K3.5 August 29th 2023
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