Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI

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Last modified on: August 29th 2023


The various agencies and organisations in the field of nutrition have defined a standard measure for the necessary daily nutritional requirements; these are the RDI or "Recommended Dietary Intake".

The RDI represents the required energy, expressed in kilo-calories or kilo-joules, which our food needs to provide every day in order to maintain good health.

The RDI is expressed in average values which vary depending on factors influencing need (age, state of health, sex, morphology, etc.), and can be briefly summarized as follows:

By default, this site gives the values calculated for a woman, but it is possible to change this with one click. This will be memorised, so that all recipes will then show the values for a man, until you change again.


Apart from considering this overall energy value, it's desirable to share the total across the 3 nutritional categories.

The recommended values:


These are the values upon which's calculations are based, which you will see shown as percentages in the recipes.

Please note: these are only derived approximations, and should not be considered as correct and precise values; they are for guidance only. Unfortunately mistakes can occur in conversion or calculation.

Important: The use of the information given in a recipe in the context of a diet, without medical supervision, is strongly discouraged. The author can in no way be held responsible in any case of health problems arising from such a use.

Further information

You can consult the following Wikipedia articles on this subject: Food energy, Nutrition, Diet, and also the ingredients chart for the recipes on this site.

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