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How do I search in the recipes?


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Last modified on: August 20th 2016

Overview has its own internal search engine for the recipes, so you can find all those which match your personal criteria.

The tool selects recipes by the presence or absence of certain ingredients, time, cost and dietary requirements.

Search by ingredients

With this type of search you can find recipes with or without a certain ingredient. The search can therefore answer questions such as:

which recipes:

Additional search functions permit you to search by:

Generic ingredients

names preceded by * in the list, which include all ingredients under that heading. Example: "*Alcohol" effectively means "Rum, Vinegar, Port, Brandy (Cognac or Armagnac), Sherry, Pear eau-de-vie, Dry white wine, Marsala, Sweet white wine, Amaretto, Neutral-flavoured eau-de-vie, White (spirit) vinegar, Red wine, Calvados (apple liqueur), Blackcurrant liqueur, Whisky, Rice vinegar, Kirsch, Griottines Cherries, Malibu rum", allowing you with just one click to select or exclude all the recipes concerned without having to click on each ingredient (wine, rum, etc.) separately.

Simple and thorough searches

By default, a search is "simple", and selects by whether an item is listed as an ingredient for making the recipe. If you choose "thorough", the search engine looks to see if the recipe ingredients themselves are made up of ingredients (e.g. a sauce or pastry), and applies the search criteria to these as well.

Example: if you are look for recipes which include nutmeg using a "simple" search, Moussaka will not show up, as nutmeg is not usually added. However a "thorough" search will select Moussaka, as there is nutmeg in the béchamel sauce.

Quick selections

These enable you to search certain preset dietery choices with just one click. By clicking "Vegetarian" for example, you will see all the meat-free recipes.

Note: if you have a suggestion for a particular diet to add to this quick selection list which might be useful to others, please let me know.

Search by nutrition facts

The search engine can determinate nutrition facts for 100 grams of each recipes. It can therefore deal with questions like:

Which recipes:

Quick selections

These enable you to find recipes with some calories limit with just one click.

Search by timing

The search engine can sort recipes according to how long they take, either by preparation or by cooking time. It can therefore deal with questions like:

Which recipes:

Quick selections

These enable you to find recipes with an overall time longer or shorter than your chosen limit with just one click.

Search by costs

The search engine can sort recipes according to their prices. It can therefore deal with questions like:

Which recipes:

Quick selections

These enable you to find recipes with costs less than certain limits with just one click.

Multiple searches

Of course you can combine search criteria, and the search engine can cope with quite complicated questions like:

which recipes contain sugar and chocolate but not cream or eggs, take less than 30 minutes to prepare and give less than 300 calories for less than 8€?

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