List of recipes using Chocolate sauce: 3 recipes

Chocolate sauce
[Like Bounty]
Like Bounty
You will no doubt be familiar with Bounty, the chocolate-covered coconut bar. Here's a melt-in-the-mouth version "on a plate" for a chic dessert.
42,5094.6/5 for 19 ratings 1 hour 54 min.
[Poire Belle Hélène]
Poire Belle Hélène
Poire Belle Hélène is a fairly simple cold dessert. The pears are poached in a vanilla-flavoured syrup, then served on top of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce poured over.
12,0024.7/5 for 19 ratings 1 hour 46 min.
Small choux pastry puffs, filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with a rich smooth chocolate sauce.
89,134 14.5/5 for 2 ratings 1 hour 35 min.

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