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Open fire cooking

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Last modified on: August 20th 2016


In this method the fire is kept going in the oven, and we put in dishes that cook in a minute or two. It is, of course, the method for pizzas, pitta bread, etc...

Open fire cooking

As soon as the oven is well hot, you can practice open fire cooking.

For that, push embers and ashes in the bottom of the oven to make room on the sole. You must always leave some fire in the oven to maintain a high temperature, in the bottom and possibly on the sides.

From time to time, put some wood in to keep going the fire.

Open fire cooking
Cooking is very fast, one minute or two, maybe less, but there is a difficulty about the circle of paste with its ingedients: it could easily fold on itself when going into the oven or stick to the shovel. To prevent from that, look at those advices.Open fire cooking pizza

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