Oven housing

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Last modified on: July 1st 2021

General points

Once the domed oven is finished and dry, we can start to construct the housing around it.

Oven housing

We chose to surround the oven with a firebrick housing, jointed using fire cement made with proportion of chamotte (refractory sand).

the smoke throat section in front of the door, which forms the bottom of the chimney, must also be ordered separately from Fayol.

smoke throat section
Firebricks were also used to make a ledge in front of the oven.oven ledge
It grows...it grows
And grows...and grows
Full height, about 10 cm or 5 inches above the top of the hearth.test fire
Just a paper fire for some flames and smoke to see how it works.chamotte
Start of filling around oven with chamotte.end of chamotte filling
Filling completed.

Fayol say that 500 kg are needed, and we used around 400 kg to fill around the oven, and 100 kilos for making up cement.

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