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Last modified on: July 1st 2021


Steam is an essential element in a bread oven. It might seem unlikely but it's the presence of steam that helps form the golden crust. For a continual supply it's possible to put a dish of water in the oven or spray the inside, but it's necessary to open the door from time to time to do this, which allows heat to escape.

To overcome this problem the best solution is the "steam/mist machine", something able to produce mist in the oven when the door is closed.

How it work?

The tip is to get and old steam iron machine from who you keep only the steam machine, iron is not needed. I have found mine on e-bay for 8 €, so not too expensive.

An old iron steam machine

You see it on this photo.

Principle is very simple, you put water in the machine and plug it, she heat the water and produce steam, this steam is put in the oven and make the mist necessary to golden brown bread.

How to?

You will need some DIY to do that.

Steam machine, details

"A" on this photo, the water tank, and "C" the fader for steam level, no need to change anything for this parts.

Normally the machine produce steam when you press the trigger of the iron, you need to change that because we want permanent steam production. To do that I replace the trigger by a simple switch in "B".

After that, you need to add a hose on the output of steam in "D", and finish it with a small metallic pipe which can go in the oven without melting, like that:

Steam machine: output with metallic pipe


The steam machine is ready, here is my way to use it:

Steam machine in action

With this way, I got excellent results:

Steam machine, results


Steam in the oven is absolutely necessary to get lovely good breads. A steam machine like this one is a good solution. Note: if you have a kitchen oven, here is an easier method.

Some delicate points

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