Glossary (talk like a chef): Chablonnage (sealing pastry with chocolate)

Chablonnage (sealing pastry with chocolate)

Chablonnage (sealing pastry with chocolate)

Chablonnage is a French pâtisserie term which means sealing the inside of a pastry tart case with a thin coating of melted white or dark chocolate, normally applied with a brush. After cooling, the chocolate hardens to form a fine, moisture-proof layer. The chocolate prevents the tart filling (which may be a fairly liquid cream or juicy fruit) soaking into the bottom. The pastry will then stay crisp longer.

Example: "Apply a chablonnage to the tart case"

Meaning: Melt some white chocolate in a bain marie. When it is completely liquid, use a brush to apply a thin layer in the bottom of the pastry case. Put in the fridge to set. Then fill your tart as usual. See more details here.
Remarks: We can use white or dark chocolate – either will protect the pastry just as well – but white chocolate, being neutral in flavour, is more useful for almost any sort of sweet tart.
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