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Brussels sprouts are very good

Brussels sprouts are very good
We are, as I write this, in the season of Brussels sprouts, a delicious vegetable that often suffers from a bad reputation, let's try to fix that.
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Last modified on: March 5th 2022

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Brussels sprouts are very good


You have to start by recognizing that it's a bit long to prepare, it's not very big, but it requires a lot of handling before it's ready to cook, and you have to do it cabbage by cabbage.
Different methods are possible, but I always proceed this way:

choux de Bruxelles découpe de la base choux de Bruxelles retrait feuilles choux de Bruxelles découpe dans la hauteur

- First cut off the base a bit
- Then remove all the stained or spoiled leaves
- According to the size, cut in the height in 2 (small cabbages) or 4 (big)

- Do this for all the cabbages...

Once you have done this, the cabbage is ready to be cooked, there is hardly any need to wash it, the removed leaves will protect it efficiently.


is the problem that must be the cause of the bad reputation: the Brussels sprout must not be overcooked, otherwise it takes on a dull khaki-green color, and in addition it gives off unpleasant sulfurous odors.
This right cooking is true for all vegetables in general, but even more so for Brussels sprouts or others.
If you cook "à l'anglaise" (boiling salted water), the best indicator is the tip of a knife stuck in the heart, it forces => not enough cooked, it's tender => it's cooked, quickly stop, drain and refresh under cold water to stop the cooking.

choux de Bruxelles cuisson à l’anglaise

Well, there your cabbages are cooked, but you will reveal the flavours of it with a second cooking (of which I already spoke to you), by putting in a frying pan or saucepan on average fire a knob of butter or a spoon with soup of olive oil, then a chopped shallot, salt, one minute of cooking and you add the Brussels sprouts of the first cooking Cook for 2 or 3 minutes again and serve, it is ready as soon as it is hot enough.

This right cooking is in my opinion the best, taste and color are preserved, and it's really enjoying the Brussels sprouts in all their splendor.
But in some simmered recipes, like potée, you will have cabbage that has been cooked (very) long, so it has a dull color, but it is completely melting, it is another facet of the vegetable.


It is not very well known, but you can also eat raw Brussels sprouts, you just have to prepare them in the classical way, not to cut them but to pass them to the mandolin or to slice them finely with a knife in a salad bowl.
Add the zest of a lemon, the juice with the same amount of olive oil, salt, pepper, mix well and enjoy this delicious raw Brussels sprouts salad.

chou de Bruxelles crus en salade

Here is to finish a small challenge, or challenge, if you have children is to succeed in making them appreciate the Brussels sprouts.
But don't be fooled, if you go after the canteen, and its rata-cooked Brussels sprouts, it will be hard...

To sum up: You should not hesitate to take advantage of the season of Brussels sprouts, which can be eaten raw or cooked and in this case be very careful to cook them properly, especially not too long, to preserve color and taste.

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