List of recipes using Muffin dough: 3 recipes

Muffin dough
[Blackcurrant-almond muffins]
Blackcurrant-almond muffins
Blackcurrant muffins with a rather special ground almond dough. Blackurrants give a delicious hint of acidity, which goes very well with the almond flavour.
84,0653.8/5 for 17 ratings 49 min.
[Chocolate muffins]
Chocolate muffins
Variation on muffins recipe. In this version each one is filled with a dark chocolate ganache.
77,9264.3/5 for 15 ratings 1 hour 15 min.
[Raspberry muffins]
Raspberry muffins
Delicious when still warm.
76,9365/5 for 1 ratings 43 min.

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