List of recipes using Confectioner's custard (Crème pâtissière, or French pastry cream): 4 recipes (gluten free)

Confectioner's custard (Crème pâtissière, or French pastry cream)
[Strawberries with mint and cream]
Strawberries with mint and cream
Minty confectioner's custard, diced strawberries and whipped cream.
76,7245/5 for 13 ratings 1 hour 30 min.
[Almond cream or frangipane]
Almond cream or frangipane
Light and delicious, it is used in a lot of desserts like tarts, cakes and pies (epiphany galette).
83,658 25/5 for 12 ratings 23 min.
[Diplomat cream]
Diplomat cream
Diplomat cream or "crème Madame" (a much prettier name) is one of many creams in French pâtisserie based on confectioner's custard. The classic confectioner's custard (crème pâtissière, or french pastry cream) has gelatin added while hot, then whipped cream is folded in when cold. This gives a...
3,452 1 hour 47 min.
[Pistachio cream]
Pistachio cream
Very similar to almond cream, pistachio cream is ideal for filling or topping all kinds of cakes and tarts. Just like almond cream, it swells during cooking.
63,609 44.1/5 for 17 ratings 33 min.

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