Cooking utensils: Forcing bag

Forcing bag

Forcing bag

For filling small moulds, making small fancy items, shaping small cakes.

If you intend to buy:

The bag can be a nylon reusable one (washable), or single use (sold in multiple packs).

Nozzles (or icing tubes) are available in 2 different materials: metal (old fashioned, less practical) and polycarbonate (very hard plastic, more practical).
There are two main types of nozzle: star (toothed or ribbed) and plain (smooth). Star nozzles are used for decorative effects.
And finally nozzle diameters, usually given in millimeters: I advise you to get a set of several diameters (from 4 to 12 millimeters for example).

More details can be found on this dedicated page.

Forcing bag
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