Recipes already published

  1. - Pudding meringué aux framboises
  2. - Entremet de Pâques au chocolat blanc et copeaux de chocolat noir
  3. - Pavé de chocolat au grand marnier
  4. - Beignets au nutella
  5. - Bombe glacée au chocolat
  6. - Gateau magique aux framboises
  7. - Buche chocolat-marrons
  8.   Pommes de terre et carottes roties au four
  9. - Polenta aux légumes grillés
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At what time?
At what time?
This page will automatically calculate for you, in 1 click, the start or end times of a recipe, and answer 2 questions that you may have already asked yourself: - At what time to start this recipe to finish at ...? or else - At what time would I finish this recipe if I start at ...?
1.4M 23.8 July 1st 2021
The amateur baker
The amateur baker
You may have noticed over the pages of this site, I am passionate about everything that is related to the bakery: I love making bread, pastries, maintain my leaven, etc.. This page contains links to all the different parts of the site where we talk about bread: recipes, special pages, etc.
137K 43.8 July 1st 2021
Calculator for water temperature in bread-making
Calculator for water temperature in bread-making
The temperature of the water, known as "process water" ("eau de coulage" in French), in a bakery recipe is very important, here is a small calculator allowing you to determine it quickly and simply.
60K4.2 July 1st 2021
Films and papers in the kitchen
Films and papers in the kitchen
Various papers and plastic films used in cooking .
540K 93.5 July 1st 2021
List of all pages
List of all pages

323K3.6 July 1st 2021
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