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    The first instinct is to use your hand.

    But if you do, you're going to produce an uneven layer, plus if there are any lumps in your powder (icing sugar or whatever) they will fall, break up, and it will spoil the appearence...
  2. How to dust : Photo of step #2 in this photo where I'm trying to sprinkle some ice sugar onto a (black) pastry sheet.
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    The best solution is to use a fine sieve or strainer (small or large, it does not matter), fill it with your powder, and to shake it all over.

    Like this you will produce a fine and even layer, where even the small lumps will be broken into powder.

    You can also use a special utensil: a shaker.
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    With this method you can produce artistic patterns made using a sheet paper cut out in designs of your choice.
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    By carefully removing the paper, you will get pretty effects.

    It is a good way of "writing" on a birthday cake for example.
  6. You can also watch this short video which recaps on the basics.


The golden rule when dusting is to use a really dry powder, because if it's damp, it will form lumps or balls which are diffcult to use. If your powder is not dry enough, you can put it in a cool oven for about 30 minutes to dry it, and then pass it through a sieve before use.


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