How to know when a cake is cooked

How to know when a cake is cooked
It's a frequently asked question and it's not so easy to answer it, especially for beginners: you can have a cake that's nice and golden brown outside, but which is not cooked enough in the middle.
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Last modified on: February 21th 2011

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Stage 1 - 1 min.
How to know when a cake is cooked  : Photo of step #1
To test if your cake is fully cooked, open the oven door, pull the cake toward you and insert a knife vertically in the center until reaching the middle of the cake.

If when you remove the blade, there is dough on the blade (see photo) then the cake is not yet done.

Stage 2
How to know when a cake is cooked  : Photo of step #2
If the blade is clean after removal, then the cake is done.


Many thanks to Joe in California, for his help in translation.


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