List of recipes from category Recipes for kids: 3 recipes (lactose free)


[Four quarters (adding fruit)]
Four quarters (adding fruit)
To improve a "four quarters" cake.
49,0744.5/5 for 11 ratings 35 min.


[Tomato ladybirds]
Tomato ladybirds
Tomatoes filled with a tuna mayonnaise and rice mixture, in a fun ladybird shape that kids will love, served with a puree of fresh garden peas. A good way to encourage them to eat vegetables.
76,844 14/5 for 1 ratings 1 hour 47 min.

Small cakes

[Coconut pyramids]
Coconut pyramids
Small coconut cakes, golden, crusty, and soft inside.
80,7243.7/5 for 18 ratings 49 min.

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